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Home and Away Episode #1.6613 (1988– ) HD online

Home and Away Episode #1.6613 (1988– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.6613
Director: Grant Brown
Writers: Paige Montague
Released: 1988–
Duration: 28min
Video type: TV Episode
Brody stresses to Justin and Mason about a special evening he's putting on for uni students. Justin encourages Mason to chat to Lena and they agree to meet at the party, but he is thrown when she indicates she'll take "something" to stay awake. Marilyn confides in Irene about John's plan and both she and Alf try to talk him round. In the end, VJ visits with Luc and tells him he forgives him. Irene and Leah clash when Irene gives advice on looking after Luc and offers to take her for the night. After a chat with VJ, Leah apologises but Irene still seems keen on the overnight stay. Mason distances himself from Lena when he sees her selling drugs at the party. When Brody finds out, he wants to throw everyone out but Lena says if he lets them stay she'll make it worth his while.
Episode cast overview:
Ray Meagher Ray Meagher - Alf Stewart
Lynne McGranger Lynne McGranger - Irene Roberts
Ada Nicodemou Ada Nicodemou - Leah Patterson
Emily Symons Emily Symons - Marilyn Chambers
Shane Withington Shane Withington - John Palmer
Matt Little Matt Little - VJ Patterson
James Stewart James Stewart - Justin Morgan
Jackson Heywood Jackson Heywood - Brody Morgan
Orpheus Pledger Orpheus Pledger - Mason Morgan
Sterling McKenzie Foster Sterling McKenzie Foster - Baby Luc
Tayari Gee Tayari Gee - Baby Luc
Piper Dickson Piper Dickson - Baby Luc
Felicity McKay Felicity McKay - Lena Ascot