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Serum (2006) HD online

Serum (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Serum
Director: Steve Franke
Writers: Steve Franke
Released: 2006
Duration: 1h 29min
Video type: Movie
While searching for a "cure all" serum, Dr. Edward Kanopolus, "Dr. K", is being pressured for results by the pharmaceutical company funding the project. With time running out, tragedy and desperation drive him to make decisions that will jeopardize the lives of everyone around him and ultimately unleash a terrifying monster on a killing spree. SERUM is a cutting edge thriller filled with twists and turns that will leave you breathless as you watch the bloody chaos unfold!
Cast overview, first billed only:
Derek Phillips Derek Phillips - Eddie
Dennis O'Neill Dennis O'Neill - Richard
Liz Cardenas Liz Cardenas - Sarah (as Lizabeth Cardenas)
David Hickey David Hickey - Dr. K (as David H. Hickey)
Bill Sebastian Bill Sebastian - Walt
Kevin Squires Kevin Squires - Kevin Marx
Shawn Kurz Shawn Kurz - Norma
Betheny Zolt Betheny Zolt - Kara
David Ford David Ford - Trey (as David D. Ford)
Tiffany McDonald Tiffany McDonald - Kathy (as Tiffany McEvers)
Lawrence Varnado Lawrence Varnado - Sheriff
Leslie Caples Leslie Caples - Mrs. Brooks
Corby Davidson Corby Davidson - Ben Merchant
Dell Johnson Dell Johnson - Lt. Kitner
Joey Greco Joey Greco - Det. Williams (as Joel S. Greco)

Reviews: [10]

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    "Serum" starts out with credits that are quite reminiscent of the "Re-animator" movies, and it owes a lot to them. The story is very similar; a mad doctor develops a serum that he believes will alleviate pain, sickness and death, but he's apparently not a big believer in clinical trials and so winds up with a brain-eating zombie on his hands in the person of his nephew. The zombie even looks like one of those from "Re-animator," and in fact some of the make-up effects in "Serum" aren't bad. Unfortunately, the script is pretty slow and unbelievable in quite a few places, resulting in a soap opera feel for most of the first 3/4 of the movie. For some reason, the director feels compelled to tell us the time of day every few minutes by flashing it in big white letters across the screen. I can't see why this was important, other than being an attempt to provide viewers with a sense of time passing; sometimes, that wouldn't be present otherwise as the plot plods along.

    There are a number of moments that just don't add up here. For instance, one victim is bludgeoned with a sledge hammer, but when we see the victim's head up close, there's no sign of that trauma. In another scene, a character runs down a fully lit hospital corridor (we can see the circles of light on the floor, in fact) with a flashlight in hand, looking for all the world like he's walking in the dark... but a moment later a second character walks down the same fully-lit corridor without one. These are just a couple of examples; moments of what look like directorial or editorial sloppiness crop up quite frequently throughout the movie.

    "Serum" is better in some ways than much of what goes straight-to-video as independent horror lately. In terms of technical items — sound and photography, for example — it's got a more polished look than a lot of what lands on a DVD. On the other hand, there's still a good deal of wooden acting (particularly by one of the lead characters, the mad scientist himself!) and nonsensical moments that have nothing to do with suspension of disbelief and everything to do with writing and continuity. Maybe these are things that the people involved with making this film will eventually get more experience with, though. One of the problems with low-budget independent horror lately is that the filmmakers often set out to remake more popular movies that had bigger budgets, and that almost never works out. It didn't in the case of "Serum," anyhow.
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    I love movies but am not a big fan of horror films. However, many of my students love them and tell me I should see this one or that one, which I do from time to time. I watched "Serum" and was greatly surprised. Naturally, there was the gore and violence that I do not normally like, but the film also had a story, which was refreshing. The filmmaker created an interesting plot and took the time to develop the characters, which made you more invested in them. Obviously, it was a small budget film, but it didn't matter because you liked the characters and wanted to find out what was going to happen next. And, I thought the production value was better than many other independent movies I've seen.
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    Serum is about a crazy doctor that finds a serum that is supposed to cure all diseases through the power of the mind. Instead it creates some kind of monster that needs to eat human flesh and brains. The mad doc creates some zombies out of cadavers and has some problems. There is a very long lead into all the action with many scenes getting you acquainted with the characters. The mad doctor's nephew gets into a car accident and the mad doc tries to use his new serum on the boy. The results are not good. This is a class C film with OK acting but some troubles directing and some continuity errors. There isn't much zombie action in this one and the effects, while adequate, are nothing special. You can fast forward through the slow parts and get some enjoyment out of the action scenes. Watch out for some nudity and bad language.
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    I liked this movie. It was fun to watch but it wasn't something you take too seriously. Basically you had two guys who like to party and spy on a topless sunbather, a crazy doctor who performs creepy experiments on corpses with his drug-addicted assistant, a hooker (who isn't hired for what you might think) and a monster who eats peoples brains! What more do you need! It was a bit corny and over the top but that's what I liked about it. A low budget horror movie for sure, but I thought it looked and sounded good. The dialogue was funny and it had some great action scenes. Bottom line – even if it was a low budget film - it was entertaining.
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    Dr. K(David H Hickey)has been trying to master a formula that would end all disease and handicaps, but needs live donors to complete his work. His doctor brother Richard(Dennis O'Neill)has a son named Eddie(Derek Philips)who is accepted to medical school. Eddie has a girlfriend named Sarah(Lizabeth Cardenas)who is pre-law and plans to attend law school herself the coming fall. She and Eddie resume their relationship when Sarah calls things off with her current boyfriend who is also shagging the lady of Walt(Bill Sebastian;Eddie's best friend who recently paid for his cheating girlfriend's boob job). Eddie accidentally gets hit by a car and appears on the throes of death when Dr. K makes a suggestion to Richard..let him "recuperate" Eddie using his secret, illegal methods. When Dr. K applies his serum to Eddie horrifying results occur. Eddie's face bulges massive warts while he has also acquired a taste for human flesh. Many will die so that Eddie can feed this uncontrollable appetite he can't quench. Soon he may even pose a threat to his father and girlfriend..Eddie Monster must be stopped.

    Typically awful direct-to-video horror flick suffers from a severe lack of budget, acting, and overall talent. The premise, which seems like an interesting fright-fest, fails to deliver even as a zombie flick. The gore is limited with a few munching scenes but most of the violence occurs off-camera. The use of time to move the story along can really get annoying.
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    Oh. My. God. This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. And I mean EVER. (For reference, I have seen: "In Memorium", whose writer and editing was so bad that the title itself is a massive typo; Lifetime Movie Network's "The Unquiet;" "Death of a Ghost Hunter," which I considered to be the worst movie in the universe before I witnessed THIS crime against film; "Hell's Highway", by which I mean Jeff Leroy's 2001 atrocity, not the 1932 classic with Richard Dix; "Psycho Ward," another misspelled disaster; and both "Tomie" and "Uzumaki," which were made all the more abysmal by the fact that their names and concepts were attached to works by Japanese horror maestro Junji Ito. I have also seen segments of "Hard Rock Zombies", the Sci Fi channel's "Piranha" entries, and I just finished "The House By the Cemetery" and "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave".) Like "Uzumaki" and "Tomie," a huge part of the reason this movie sucked so very badly was the massive letdown of the movie itself compared to the movie that was advertised. The synopsis on the jacket is promising. I wasn't expecting miracles, but I figured that the plot would make up for whatever failures of acting or direction might present themselves. Boy was I wrong.

    The acting isn't just bad, it's atrocious. If you were to select a random group of 10-year-olds and give them the script, the performance you would get would be more energetic and believable than what this movie subjects its audience to. The costumes are all wrong--the corporate executive that is supposed to be pressuring the doctor to push on with his experiments regardless of the risks is wearing a polo shirt and khakis on the helicopter pad as he circles the doc, half-mumbling badly written bully lines. The performances of the female cast are only marginally better than the male, and unlike most bad horror where the women at least give the impression that on some level they are TRYING to be that god-awful, the performances here are so flat that it doesn't appear they are trying anything at all.

    The worst part about the movie, however, is that it becomes apparent after the first fifteen minutes that the two main characters are supposed to be about twenty years younger than the actors portraying them. When they go home for a family dinner the "boys'" father looks about 3 years older than they are. One gets the impression that they are friends or relatives of the people on the production staff who never had a day of acting class in their lives but thought it would be cool to appear in a movie. Given that, I can't even complain about the flat climax and lame ending.

    In short, even if bad is your thing, skip this one. My friend, who is a connoisseur of horrid horror, was begging me to turn it off after less than half an hour. It's just that awful.
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    This was Steve Franke's first attempt to make a full feature. It shows that it was clearly a low budget because frankly, the effects are a bit laughable. In fact, they just changed one's face with a bladder.

    The acting was a bit wooden too and the overall quality of the reel, on my copy was a bit blurry, looked like a VHS copy. Maybe that was the intention to create a eighties look. Of course the director teased use in the first minutes with a voluptuous naked chick laying in the sun and when the stepmother came into the picture she was loaded too but tits doesn't make a flick. After that part the flick turns into a lot of blah blah. It's until the end that the brain eating guy appears.

    No gore or too much red stuff was used. It's just a cheesy flick with not that much to offer.

    Gore 1/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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    Serum starts as Eddie (Derek Phillips) is delighted to learn he has been accepted into medical school to carry on the family tradition of becoming an MD like his father Richard (Dennis O'Neill) & his uncle Eddie (David H. Hickey), however his joy could be short lived as Eddie is involved in an accident & is run over by a car. Taken to the nearest hospital it doesn't look good for poor Eddie so his uncle Eddie convinces his brother Richard to let him save Eddie with the serum he has developed, a serum which will give the recipient the power to self heal any sort of wound or illness. Desperate for his boy to live Richard agrees but the procedure has unwanted side effects like turning Eddie into a brain eating zombie which is just not a good thing...

    Executive produced, written & directed by Steve Franke I'll be perfectly frank myself & say Serum is awful, Serum is one of those no budget horror films which tries to rip-off other any number of other's & ends up being slightly more fun than having you fingernails pulled out with pliers. The script is terrible, it has the whole Re-Animator (1985) feel to it with mad scientists wielding huge syringes trying to eradicate death but it's so boring it's untrue, the first forty minutes is nothing more than a really dull soap opera that amounts to nothing expect to pad the running time out with Eddie arriving home after spending some time away & finding his ex-girlfriend has hooked up with someone else, arguments with his step-mom, getting drunk with his mate & generally boring the audience stiff. So, once the tedium of the first forty minutes is over & if your still watching it it takes another twenty minutes to get Eddie re-animated & then he kills a couple of people, police catch up with him & shoot him, the end. Thank god. Serum is devoid of any of the characteristic's that one would associate with a good film, the character's suck, the dialogue is poor, it takes itself far too seriously, it's dull, it's slow, it's forgettable & considering it's meant to be a horror film there's an alarming lack of blood, gore or horror. Not recommended, did I mention Serum was boring? I thought so.

    Director Franke does nothing to liven this thing up, although competent there's no style here at all. The gore levels are none existent, there's a bit of splashed blood, a bitten neck, a couple of scars on a dead woman's face, a couple of scenes where a needle pierces skin & that's it. Don't expect a Re-Animator in the gore department because if you do your going to be sorely disappointed, much like I was in fact. Filmed in what looks like one house, one restaurant & a lab the film has no variety either & just looks cheap throughout. There's a couple of scenes of nudity but that's nowhere near enough to save it.

    Technically the film isn't too bad, at least it looks like proper cameras were used, I can't really comment on the special effects because there aren't any but generally speaking Serum looks reasonably professional. Apparently shot in Texas, or should that read it should have literally been shot in Texas? The acting sucks although again I think they were proper actor's rather than friends or family of the director.

    Serum is a terrible film, it's dull, slow, boring, has no gore & feels like a horrible soap opera for the first forty minutes. I don't understand why anyone would feel the need to watch this when they can watch Re-Animator or one of it's sequels again instead, seriously I recommend you give Serum a miss. There I've just saved you from wasting 90 minutes of your life, you can thank me later.
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    I've been deciding between two films was this one and the "other" was yet another movie using the whole "re-animator" idea behind it .... well i chose this movie to rent because i have a theory that has yet to lead me astray ... that is this "if the movie has no scenes from the actual film itself on the back of the DVD case then its a piece of crap, so low budget they are embarrassed to have the movie on the back" ...and thats stood well all this time .... well i chose this film over the other one because it showed scenes from the movie on the back the other one didn't ...well d a m if i was surprised at the great ideas and potential behind this one ...that all fell short ... very short .... i mean the story line was solid crazy doc trying to save nephew and all that after a car wreck ... but the lack of gore was sad .... the lack of nudity where appropriate was also very sad ..... all and all i wonder if i should have taken the chance on the other film ..and now will i ? .. um ... no ... probably not only from the fear of the same thing happening .... and it being far worst than this ....

    (4), vocalist - GOD IN A MACHINE
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    A must-see movie for everyone who enjoys horror films and is open to a low-budget project! "Serum" is a well-made movie with a scary story that reminds one of a classic horror film. Right from the beginning, with the opening sequence, I was captivated. I especially enjoyed the performances by Derek Phillips and Lizabeth Cardenas, who really added to this film because they were very believable and made me more invested in the story. Also, the music and score were great. Both are essential in horror films -- the right music at the right time increases the tension and makes everything scarier. That was true with this film. So, go ahead and let "the chaos begin!"