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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy / News
Original Title: Eretz Nehederet
Duration: 49min
Video type: TV Series
Israels' most famoust satire comedy show about politics & other stuff.
Series cast summary:
Mariano Idelman Mariano Idelman - Various / - 247 episodes, 2003-2019
Eli Finish Eli Finish - Various / - 246 episodes, 2003-2019
Eyal Kitzis Eyal Kitzis - Host / - 246 episodes, 2003-2019
Alma Zack Alma Zack - Various / - 243 episodes, 2003-2019
Yuval Semo Yuval Semo - Various / - 191 episodes, 2006-2019
Tal Friedman Tal Friedman - Various / - 172 episodes, 2003-2019
Assi Cohen Assi Cohen - Various / - 165 episodes, 2005-2019
Shani Cohen Shani Cohen - Various / - 152 episodes, 2010-2019
Eran Zarahovitsh Eran Zarahovitsh - Various / - 129 episodes, 2010-2019
Roy Bar-Natan Roy Bar-Natan - Various / - 123 episodes, 2005-2019
Liat Harlev Liat Harlev - Various / - 110 episodes, 2011-2019

On March 21, 2013, president Barack Obama gave a speech in Jerusalem, Israel and said: "I want to clear something up just so you know - any drama between me and my friend, Bibi, over the years was just a plot to create material for Eretz Nehederet (2003). That's the only thing that was going on. We just wanted to make sure the writers had good material."

The character of president Moshe Katzav, portrayed by Eli Finish, has appeared in all episodes of the first season except the season finale, _"Eretz Nehederet" (2003) {(#1.14})_, where the real Moshe Katsav appeared.

Mariano Idelman's most known character, Benjamin Netanyahu, was actually first portrayed by Avi Kushnir in Eretz Nehederet: Episode #1.6 (2003).

Won 8 Israeli Television Academy Awards in a row, from 2004 to 2011.

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    energy breath

    It's been years since Israeli TV brought us a funny, sharp satire. The main concept of the show is a group of commentators discussing the events that took place the past week. The show became a sensation after only a few weeks of broadcasting. People started to talk and imitate the characters, an act we didn't see since "SNL". Using sharp, smart writing and a very professional group of actors, this show managed to get record numbers in ratings. The show's success also drove celebrities to want to participate on the show. Even American actor, Jason Alexender ("Seinfeld") filmed a sketch for the show during his past visit in Israel on February 2004. This show is defenetley the best show Israeli viewers got to see this season (2003-04). So, if you're looking for entertainment on a boring Friday night, you don't have to leave the house- just turn up the volume, and enjoy the characters to grown to know and love shock you with their sharp-witted sketches.

    Who needs real news?
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    the first season started really badly but after about 5 shows they became one of the best show ever shown in israel, which is surprising because usually programs with with this rating are a little kitch and not very funny but in eretz nehederet every part of the show was done wonderfully.

    the second season started a lot better than the beginning of the first season but there is a feeling recycling the same jokes. their cast is unbelievable, 6 superstars that each one of them already had a prime time show. their assistant, alma zack is great in the new season. I'm sure the later shows of this season will be much better than the first shows.
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    Wild Python

    Possibly the most over-rated show to ever appear on Israeli TV. I really can't understand why so many people are crazy over this show, because personally I think it's pure trash. The jokes are not funny, and the characters are VERY annoying. There are some characters there that make me want to puke. Most of the ones portrayed by Tal Fridman especially. I'm not even going to start writing what I think about the character of Luba. The jokes themselves are in about a level of end of high school play, only less funny. I am one who easily laughs from stupid jokes, but this show is really over the hill.

    The 2/10 mark does go for the one funny joke every 10 episodes or so.