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Category: TV Series / Documentary / Sci-Fi
Original Title: In Search of...
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Leonard Nimoy hosted this quasi-documentary television show which portrayed unusual natural phenomena and 'investigated' the paranormal. Its style of interspersing 'talking heads' with sensationalistic video segments may have been the forerunner of 'info-tainment.'
Series cast summary:
Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy - Himself - Host / - 128 episodes, 1977-1982

Robert Vaughn narrated the pilot episode but declined to host the series. Rod Serling narrated the initial television specials but died before the regular series began.

This series was created after two successful television documentaries: In Search of Ancient Astronauts (1973) based on the book Chariots of the Gods, and In Search of Ancient Mysteries (1974).

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    This series explored various phenomena, legends, and mysteries and still holds up 20 years after it left the air. I just loved this show as a grade schooler in the seventies, because I was heavy into monsters and ghost stories and the show frequently profiled legends like vampires, werewolves, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and it did introduce me to subjects like the Hope Diamond, the Mary Celeste, and the burial of Pompeii by Mt. Vesuvius' eruption. While hardly authoritative(the History Channel disclaimer informs viewers that the show is primarily conjecture), the show is intriguing to watch now. Leonard Nimoy's calm, detached narration is comforting in a nostalgic sort of way, and the entire show has a resolutely objective feel. Funny, but I thought the show only lasted a couple of seasons, not the six indicated. Oh well, the show must have alot of fans, because it has run on A&E and now resides on the History Channel. Lucky us!
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    When I first saw this as a boy I was thrilled!Leonard Nimoy was the perfect host for these mysterious subjects.It definitely fired up my imagination.There were the obvious subjects(bigfoot,loch ness,ghosts) but there were also takes on Pompei and stuff.I still enjoy it now via the history channel.
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    In Search Of ... was a very good show. It was hosted by Leonard Nimoy of the great Star Trek saga. The show would investigate into big mysteries such as cryptids, alien life, unexplained phenomena such as ghosts, and other mysteries. This comment is for the episode In Search Of Bigfoot and Lost Children. The Bigfoot segment was very good. It goes through the basic information like what is a Sasquatch, where their located etc. It shows some experts saying their opinions and such. The most notable one is that one expert says that the Patterson Bigfoot is not a man in a suit and if it was he would have to be a huge person and a skilled one. In the segment of the Lost Children it shows how these children are left in the wild and have been adopted if you will by all kinds of animals and how their behavior is not like human behavior. I think these segments were very good and Nimoy's narration is very good! I am not sure in this series is still on television on A&E but if it is check it out because it was a good show!
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    This series was great.

    I would like to have it on DVD.

    If they ever remake or redistribute it. Subject material included vanished civilization, Atlantis The Bermuda Triangle Stone hinge Etc. A must have for anyone with kids. Anyone interested in history of our planet or of the people who lived here. Get others opinions on how mysterious lake sand other ruins were made. In depth details on how the Incan civilization performed brain surgery. How Aliens may have helped build the pyramids. Leonard Nimoy narrated the series which ran for Aprox. 10 years.
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    Its such ashame that shows of this caliber don't exist anymore. For gods sake if your gonna do a real life series about strange things... make it seem realistic. The best thing about "In Searh Of" was the production values and style. Very similar to the classic Nostradamus TV movie narrated by Orson Welles all of the things on this show may not be 100% factual, but boy do they come across that way! The location filming, somber tone, simple editing techniques, and excellent work of Leornard Nimoy are all pitch perfect and create just the right mood. The new version that aired on the sci-fi channel a few years back looked like it was shot in someones basement and featured a lot of flashy lights, quick cuts, weird people with little credibility, and talentless hack Mitch Pileggi. Is it just me or are good hosts impossible to come by these days? The last one i can remember for a dramatic series was Robert Stack on Unsolved Mysteries. Man was he good. Now we get people like Forrest Whitaker and Henry Rollins who just aren't up for the challenge. Anyway if you wanna feel like your actually watching something true to life steer clear of the new one and check this classic out!
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    Want to know about Bigfoot, The Honey Island Swamp Monster of Louisiana, and other monsters and the unexplained then go "In Search of". "In Search of" does a great job of exploring the hidden while at the same time the program searches for answers by research and actual reports and accounts. Leonard Nimoy is great at hosting this series his voice is among the best ever. Watch the reruns of "In Search of" on the History Channel.
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    I originally watched this show, because I was 11 years old and a Trekkie. Anything with Shatner or Nimoy, and I was there! Still am, actually. However, I really became hooked. I found the speculation fascinating and educational. Now, these shows are wonderful to look back on, because they are so dated. There will always be new information coming about old topics. Amelia Earhart is a good example. There will also be instances where we learn just how flawed science can be. And why we should proceed cautiously when science instructs us on a subject. Case in point: The episode dealing with the "coming ice age"...haha. Yes, only 30 years ago, this was the thinking. Get ready, in 30 years we'll be looking back shaking our heads at the thought of "global warming".
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    This show is without a doubt a true classic that has stood the test of time. Even though it first aired a quarter of a century ago it has not aged a bit and there is not a documentary series since that could top it. I'm glad it is still in syndication and that future generations can appreciate its greatness as well. No one else could have done a better job hosting a series like this then Leonard Nimoy. He brought intensity, style and an air of mystery like no other. Everything about this wonderful show was first rate from the crisp narration to the spooky music. Weather we were hunting for Jack the Ripper, Bigfoot or whatever happened to Amelia Earhart, you always knew you were in for a great ride! I remember as a kid there was one episode that terrified me. It was about haunted England and there was one scene where it reenacted a ghost story about a young woman who was frightned to death by a ghost that appeared at the foot of her bed. I lost a lot of sleep over that one.
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    In Search of is the best show! Yeh, I know there are a few goofs and inaccuracies, but this show is so well done and Leonard Nimoy did just an excellent job as the narrator. He even wrote two episodes: Great Lovers and Vincent Van Gogh. The latter is very poignant too. Several episodes are very educational and informative. Pyramid Films sold them for educational purposes to schools. They are still useful today!

    As for the dvds, I have little hope they will ever be released. Universal Studios is sitting on a gold mine, but they don't seem to realize this. Even if we were blessed with a DVD release, they would probably only release one season, like they did with Night Gallery. In Search of deserves better! They deserve uncut, season sets with extras. Come on Universal!

    That's my rant. Bodger1
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    Every episode discusses a different scientific/historic subject. These subjects vary widely from "The Hindenburg Disaster" and "Pompeii" to "The Amityville Horrors" and "Sasquatch". Conspiracies, theories, urban-legends, and myths are discussed and investigated.

    This TV show is being re-run on the History Channel, and in doing so has found new fans. I stumbled on an episode last year after recognizing the voice of Leonard Nimoy, and decided to watch and see what it was all about. It is interesting to see the views of the time (1976-82) on various subjects - compared to what we know today. The facts aren't always correct - however the show does hold my attention!
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    I'm very fascinated with Reincarnation,Life after Death,Out of Body Experiences,The Supernatural,The Phantasma Goria,and as well as all strange phenomena including Big foot & The Lochness Monster.I recall looking forward to seeing this show each week while I was in Middle School.These are also fun reminiscences too when I think of them.Whether they're local around the world,around the country,In the Great Beyond and Back,you just name it and this show's just right for me.As anybody of whom knows me would also agree.I also enjoy the miraculous places spanning the globe,Medjugorje,Lourdes, Fatima, Guateloupe,etc.

    Truthfully, Stephen "Steve" G. Baer a.k.a. "Ste" of Framingham. Ma.USA
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    I first saw "In Search Of" about 6 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. I am an avid fan of the supernatural and especially love documentaries concerning it. Out-of-date, but a must see for paranormal junkies.

    My Grade: B+
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    Walan Mysteries of the Bible, this ruled A&E when I was a little kid.

    And I was a little kid in the 80s and very early 90s...this came out in the middle 70s so fair warning...some of it is going to be solved and some of it is going to be insanely wrong.

    Some of the theories put forth are ridiculous by today's standards of science and understanding and unfortunately sometimes it even predicts.

    BUT....ignoring the dated, it's still an excellent show that served its purpose when I was scared the heck out of me. And I learned from it so double trouble.

    It could do creepy, it could do thrilling, and it could do wondrous. All around it's one great show, even today.
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    I gave it a ten, but I base that on my memories. I hope it's aged well.

    I watched this as often as I could. My parents were surprised a junk culture junkie like me took an interest in this. Until they saw what the subjects were.

    A personal favorite was anything to do with a missing person. I think I recall Amelia Erhart being one of the stories.

    Anything that traveled to places like Easter Island or Nazca also grabbed me. It created an eerie vibe.

    UFO's and ghosts made plenty of appearances as well. The photos they showed were worth it alone.

    And the show about hurricanes showed some pretty harrowing scenes for TV in those days. Yep, I miss it. The show, not hurricanes.
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    Leonard Nimoy made this show very entertaining. His story telling is far better than Jack Palances' on Ripley's Believe It or Not. I do watch this show on History Channel alot and wish Universal Pictures who owns total rights to In Search Of... would digitally restorate this show to DVD. Hey Universal if you ever get a hint of irony, put this show on DVD.
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    I grew up watching this series, and having seen the DVD set( released at long last!)I still feel this series holds up remarkably well.

    Leonard Nimoy hosts for all six seasons, and does a commendable job of presenting all stories seriously, and sometimes interacts with the people involved(like in 'Learning ESP') It is commendable how it presents ancient cultures like Native Americans or the Incas with respect and no condescension.

    This series was directed, scored, and edited with skill, style, and care, and presents the subjects(like 'Ghosts' & 'UFOs') with palpable atmosphere that its modern imitators either fail at, or don't even bother attempting.

    This show holds up, and will enjoy watching it many more times.
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    Shows exploring the strange phenomena and cases of the supernatural have been produced with as much regularity as such cases themselves have been reported throughout the years. We can all probably name a few off theses shows off the top of our heads, even if we're not believers ourselves. One such example is the classic "In Search Of". Hosted by the great - and now sadly deceased - Leonard Nimoy, it was the type of show that later such shows would copy in one form or another; the type that investigated the unique mysteries of our planet. This could be not only anything from investigating claims of ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, reincarnation, past lives, Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle (which are the things the show is most famous for) but also things and events as diverse as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and the subsequent theories on what happened to her, DB Cooper and his infamous airline hijacking, ransom, and daredevil escape; as well as exploring such varying subjects like earthquakes, tornadoes, killer bees, Oak island, lost Viking colonies, and Voodoo on the island of Haiti! And it was hosted and narrated by the wonderful Mr. Nimoy, who, with his trademark intelligence, eloquence, great voice, and display of vulcan logic, brought much legitimacy to the show's subjects, no matter how outlandish they might appear. Also included were interviews with witnesses, experts - both believers and skeptics - police officers, scientists, historians, and anybody who could shed some light on the subject at hand. Add some unique - and at times spooky - music, and you have yourself a fun, interesting, campy at times, TV Classic. The show might seem a bit dated in some areas, but that doesn't mean it's no less compelling today than it was then. After all, it's been over thirty years since this program was on and we're still contemplating many of these subjects. For that reason, "In Search Of" is the type of show that has a little something for everyone, regardless of whether you're a believer or not. A lot of the episodes are available on you tube and the whole show is available on DVD. Check it out sometime, and go on a journey with Mr. Nimoy in search of something.

    P.S. Rest in peace Mr. Nimoy
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    Hidden Winter

    I love the "In Search Of" series. One reason is the ghostly music in the background that gave the already strange topics an extra eerie quality. The music is very similar to a newer electronic group called "Boards of Canada". If you enjoyed this series because of the music, purchase some "Boards of Canada" (BOC) and you may get a kick out of it. I recommend the album "Music Has the Right To Children". Boards of Canada also has a new release called "Geogaddi". I have heard some of it and it also has a ghostly quality to it. Other groups that may have the same sound lie in the "Trip-Hop" genre of electronic music. Groups such as Waldek, Goldfrapp, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Air and Zero 7 sound similar but nothing seems to be as close to the original "In Search Of" music like BOC, especially since BOC relies almost entirely on instruments and not many vocals. ~ Jim Faulkner
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    This is another one of my favorite unexplained phenomena shows of all time. This was a show I saw during my adolescence mainly reruns on the History Channel (when it was good) it really was a pleasant surprise as I was into unexplained phenomena ever since I was nine.

    It's true that the show is pretty vintage but to me that just added to its appeal, because watching the show is even more interesting as you can compare notes of both early and present day findings. But also, in a historical sense get an idea of what viewpoints on the subject matter were back then, you have to realize this show was in the 70's which was a time when the unexplained phenomena genre really began to boom.

    But I really love the presentation of the show, the theme song is good if not one of my favorites but fits the show as it has a bit of a strange tune to it. But I really like some of the music in episodes which fit whatever subject their exploring, some of the music can be a little eerie. Really like the use of present-day footage, reenactments, other images which are of course the visual aids in the matter. Including interviews with most people whom also help in the insight of the matter and help in adding to the theories and findings in the mystery.

    However, what really helps power it is the host himself Lenard Nimoy. I'll admit I was surprised that Spock from "Star Trek" did a documentary show. But his voice just fits like a glove, I really love his serious monotone as it's very mater of fact and has an investigative tone to it; he really treats the subject matter with seriousness which respects not just the people investigating these mysteries but the audience also.

    Each of the mysteries are always different, I remember each time this program came on I would always wonder with eagerness which mystery is going to be next. Some of the mysteries are unexplained phenomena like UFO, Cryptids; but others were historical, cultural, scientific and even archeological. That aspect I love because it gave the show variety to keep things fresh and interesting and gave it educational value showing and teaching me a little on all four subject matters.

    Whether you believe any of this or not, that's up to you to decide, but all the same you've got to wonder. But remember the universe and the world within it are big and vast, full of endless mysteries everyday waiting to be explored.

    Rating: 4 stars
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    This was on A&E for a while then ran its course. I did not mind it some of the shows were spookie, but most were just weird. The conclusion, and answers really stretch logic. I know it makes for good TV, but bad for real life. As a kid I loved the show. Now as an adult I find In Search of weak. Monsters, ghost and UFO's were given too much leeway. I be a hard hitt questions were needed. I found a few of the shows could be true, then others were weird. The missing POW, and life after death were interesting. Over the years I bet it will come back on re runs. Does anyone know if the show is showen in Canada? They had a show about outerspace and the future with the shuttle how dated. Space kids or some 70's things. When did the show go off the air 81? Was there talk about making a new show? I gotta go see ya