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Boku no Hero Academia My Hero (2016– ) HD online

Boku no Hero Academia My Hero (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: My Hero
Director: Kenji Nagasaki,Shoji Ikeno
Writers: Kôhei Horikoshi,Yôsuke Kuroda
Released: 2016–
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
The villains launch their attack, and only Izuku knows where Kota is. Can he get to him in time?
Episode credited cast:
Daiki Yamashita Daiki Yamashita - Izuku Midoriya (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jennifer Alyx Jennifer Alyx - Additional Voices (voice)
Kôhei Amasaki Kôhei Amasaki - Neito Monoma (voice)
Tia Lynn Ballard Tia Lynn Ballard - Ragdoll (voice) (as Tia Ballard)
Larry Brantley Larry Brantley - Spinner (voice)
Justin Briner Justin Briner - Izuku Midoriya (voice)
Clifford Chapin Clifford Chapin - Katsuki Bakugo (voice)
Colleen Clinkenbeard Colleen Clinkenbeard - Momo Yaoyorozu (voice)
Jim Foronda Jim Foronda - Muscular (voice)
Tasuku Hatanaka Tasuku Hatanaka - Denki Kaminari (voice)
Satoru Inoue Satoru Inoue - Magne (voice)
Kaito Ishikawa Kaito Ishikawa - Tenya Iida (voice)
Ryô Iwasaki Ryô Iwasaki - Spinner (voice)
Yûki Kaji Yûki Kaji - Shouto Todoroki (voice)
Meiko Kawasaki Meiko Kawasaki - Mandalay (voice)

Kohei Korikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia, has gone on record saying that Midoriya doesn't actually use One For All at 1,000,000%. If he did it would most likely destroy his body and everything around him.

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    What can I say about this episode.

    Deku has come such a long way from the tearful, nervous wreck he was. Shoto Todoroki said he has a tenancy to bring out emotions in people and that is exactly what happened to me watching this episode. masterfully crafted, awesome animation, fantastic dialogue, amazing characters; This is the best so far of an amazing show: My Hero Acadamia.