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Collaging Film (2012) HD online

Collaging Film (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation
Original Title: Collaging Film
Director: Stephen Mead
Released: 2012
Budget: $500
Duration: 2h 5min
Video type: Movie
"Collaging Film" is a series of shorts dating back to 2007. Published NY artist and writer, Stephen Mead, started out fairly bare-bones when beginning to make films, an experimentation which he considered a sort of folk art. Eventually Stephen transitioned from the use of subtitles in his work to creating his own mp3s for soundtracks and effects, finally interweaving actual footage amid paintings and digitized images in hopes of creating a more engaging experience for the viewer. As a Folk Artist, mainly using Windows Movie Maker, a program on many-a-computer, Stephen enjoys the fact that most anyone can use this program to make films of their own. He also likes knowing that these films are "low-tech Independents", not subject to Studio Backing (!) and meant to be viewed on the small screens of televisions or computer monitors. Stephen feels this creates for a more intimate viewing experience that is perfect for the variety of themes found in his work. This second disc of Stephen ...
Credited cast:
Stephen Mead Stephen Mead - Artist