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Not of This Earth (1988) HD online

Not of This Earth (1988) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Not of This Earth
Director: Jim Wynorski
Writers: R.J. Robertson,Jim Wynorski
Released: 1988
Budget: $210,000
Duration: 1h 21min
Video type: Movie
A science fiction vampire movie. The Vampire is an emissary from an embattled world near destruction who teleports to Earth to see if they can live here. He finds that our blood is nourishing and that at least one source of it is a steady stream of transfusions. He hypnotizes a Dr. to provide them and has his blond nurse move in to administer them.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Traci Lords Traci Lords - Nadine Story
Arthur Roberts Arthur Roberts - Mr. Johnson
Lenny Juliano Lenny Juliano - Jeremy
Ace Mask Ace Mask - Dr. Rochelle
Roger Lodge Roger Lodge - Harry
Rebecca Perle Rebecca Perle - Davanna Girl
Michael DeLano Michael DeLano - Vacuum Cleaner Salesman (as Michael Delano)
Becky LeBeau Becky LeBeau - Happy Birthday Girl
Monique Gabrielle Monique Gabrielle - Agnes
Roxanne Kernohan Roxanne Kernohan - Lead Hooker (as Roxane Kernohan)
Ava Cadell Ava Cadell - Second Hooker
Cynthia Thompson Cynthia Thompson - Third Hooker
Kelli Maroney Kelli Maroney - Nurse Oxford
Belinda Grant Belinda Grant - Girl in Car
Joel Hoffman Joel Hoffman - Boy in Car (as Robby Bointen)

The opening credits feature a montage of clips from various other Roger Corman movies, including Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), Forbidden World (1982), Galaxy of Terror (1981), Humanoids from the Deep (1980), Nebo zovyot (1959) and Piranha (1978). Sample footage from each of these movies appears numerous times throughout the movie as filler footage, as well as two full-length scenes from Hollywood Boulevard (1976) and "Humanoids from the Deep".

Director Jim Wynorski made a bet with Roger Corman that he could shoot the movie in twelve days. Wynorski finished the film in eleven and a half days.

The last film to feature Traci Lords in the nude.

Traci Lords' first "mainstream" film after starring in more than 60 hardcore porn movies while she was underage.

Kelli Maroney only worked for one day on this film.

After the movie's success in video sales, Roger Corman offered Traci Lords a role in another movie. Lords declined, as she would have had to perform another nude scene and she wanted to establish herself as a serious actress after her infamous porn scandal.

Angel Tompkins did the voice of Rebecca Perle's Davanna Girl character.

Arthur Roberts wore his own clothes.

Roger Lodge scratched Jim Wynorski's car on the first day of shooting the movie.

Becky LeBeau's scream was done by Michelle Bauer.

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    This film is the work of the auteur Wynorski who has a distinctive visual style that is a favorite of the academy. Eye Candy Hall of Fame inductee Traci Lords plays a live-in nurse to an eccentric millionaire with a rare blood disorder. However, this recluse is actually an alien scientist intent on saving his dying planet by harvesting human blood. It is up to our heroine to uncover the truth and save mankind while wearing a bikini. Ms. Lords is the first inductee to be honored for actually wearing something (that wonderful blue bikini). This must cap Ms. Lords film career; she began as a Porn star legend, became of legal drinking age, quit that biz, and became a B-movie actress. The auteur Wynorski does have two brief au naturel scenes of Ms. Lords but we still harp on that bikini. In the Wynorski style he does provide some other actresses to show their ample talents such as Becky LeBeau, Roxanne Kernohan, and Ava Cadell. While not a classic, it does have a few "eye candy" moments worthy of our mention.
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    An alien race, dying from radiation in their blood, send an emissary to Earth to find out if transfusions of human plasma might be a cure for their affliction; if the plan is a success, the aliens intend to launch a full scale invasion and harvest the human race for their life giving juices.

    As I have stated before, Jim Wynorksi might not be much of a director, but he sure knows his stuff when it comes to bimbos, and wisely opts to fill his films with busty babes. In Not Of This Earth, a trashy remake of Roger Corman's 1957 sci-fi classic, good old Jim surpasses himself by giving my favourite adult movie star Traci Lords her first non-porn role as a nurse employed by the alien to perform regular blood transfusions; with her scorching, curvaceous bod, magnificent pout, and surprisingly decent acting skills, blonde sexpot Lords turns an otherwise very humdrum sci-fi flick into an eminently watchable affair.

    Of course, this being a Wynorski feature, which really is only a step up from porn anyway, Traci still gets to regularly show us her goods: she gets nekkid for a bathroom scene, saunters round a pool in a teeny blue bikini, wears several other very revealing outfits, and indulges in a spot of (non explicit) rumpy pumpy. Also adding to the T&A tally are Rebecca Perle as a big breasted alien, Becky LeBeau as a big breasted strippogram, and Roxanne Kernohan, Ava Cadell and Cynthia Thompson as big breasted hookers. Big breasted B-movie scream queens Monique Gabrielle and Kelli Maroney also make brief appearances, but both keep their tops on.

    In addition to all the boobs, there is some hokey sci-fi action featuring cheapo special effects, a little bit of poorly executed murder and mystery, and some unintentionally funny extraterrestrial dialogue, but honestly, who really gives a damn about any of that rubbish with all that quality skin on show?

    4 out of 10 for the film, plus 3 more points for a naked Traci.
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    'Not of This Earth' is a quickly made, low budget, R rated, sci-fi movie. It's made very much in the style of the B movies of the 50s and 60s except for the R rating. The R rating comes from several scenes of topless women and some sexual activity. The star of the film is Traci Lords in her first role in a non-porno film. It is also supposedly the last time she appears topless in any film. I'm sure this is one of the big attractions of the movie to a lot of viewers. She did surprise me though by her acting. It really wasn't bad. There are several scenes that were put in the film of other topless, big breasted actresses. These scenes weren't really necessary to the plot but I doubt that many of the male viewers will voice an objection to them. At the beginning of the film while showing the opening credits, there are a lot of exciting scenes shown quickly. These are not in the movie. Don't expect to see them again. Although this is not made clear or pointed out, they are from other films. It still is an interesting and fun movie and has some pretty good scenes of it's own. The film has plenty of mistakes and bloopers to look for that were left in due to the low budget. I saw this on a DVD that also had a version with commentary going through the film with you. I found it very interesting and recommend that you watch this commentary version after watching the movie. 'Not of This Earth' is a fun movie that combines some light comedy, horror and sci-fi. The movie is not meant to be taken too seriously. It's best viewed by a non critical eye with the intent of just having a good time. This can be a really enjoyable and fun modern B movie if watched in the right frame of mind.
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    Truly stunning how such a cheap & rubbish plot can provide such a good & entertaining movie! The answer to this lies in the great performances of all main actors involved: Arthur Roberts, Traci Lords and Lenny Juliano. Each of them adapting very well to the sinister touch of this movie, each of them contributing to it. Their performances get extra depth by the down-to-earth play by Ace Mask (doctor) and Roger Lodge (policeman). Also added are a touch of sex and humor (birthday girl). As I said, the overall result is downright good. More so, 'Not from this earth' is a great B-movie.
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    Rose Of Winds

    Remakes can't be all that bad… as in 1957 Roger Corman brought us the b/w low-budget sci-fi classic "Not of this Earth". Director / writer Jim Wynorski would convince Corman to allow him remake it (and just under a decade later another remake of this tale came on the scene). Where the film would gain much attention for and eventually become a cult favourite would be the bold casting of the highly delectable Traci Lords in her first major feature film. Don't let it fool you that she started off in porn films (and infamously being underage too), because even here she shows how much of a talented "actress" she was. Truly committed to the material (despite the daft nature), but Wynorski also took advantage of her risqué image to show off her titillating body and she wasn't shy of it either. She truly played it up for the camera. Lords is excellent in her portrayal as headstrong nurse Nadine Story who's hired by the very strange Mr. Johnson to perform his blood transfusions. There's something that's not quite right, so Nadine begins to investigate as secretly her boss is a space being looking to see if his dying race could survive while harvesting off the fresh blood of the human race.

    This snappy, sexy contemporary late-night b-flick revamp is a complete blast from start to finish. Even though its low-budget restraints show up, it doesn't get in its way and director Wynorski keeps it economical, without losing any of the old-fashion enthusiasm (just listen to that spaced-out music score). Even with its sleazy jabs (leering topless female shots) and jarring jolts (some ghastly attack scenes with some slasher traits to them), beneath (just remember what decade it was made) it still had the spirit and atmosphere of those old-school sci-fi horror outings Corman was churning out early in his career. Special effects are cheap, but crisply done for its minimal approach and so were the optical effects. The silly material keeps it rather tongue-in-cheek, plenty of wisecracks with biting dialogues and some amusingly noticeable in-jokes especially regarding Lord's porn past. The acting fairs up. Arthur Roberts is effortlessly good as the expressionless Mr. Johnston --- with those glowing blue eyes under the shades and the sensitive hearing. Lenny Juliano, Ace Mask and Robert Lodge are amusingly acceptable. Other than Lords, there's plenty of buxom ladies showing up; Monique Gabrielle, Ava Cadell, Cynthia Thompson and Rebecca Perle. Also the perky Becky LeBeau is quite memorable and furthermore looking good in a nurse outfit is Kelli Maroney.

    I was amused by the oddly placed collection of clips from Corman produced features that showed up in the film's opening intro.

    Gimmicky, but fast-moving and campy b-fun.
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    Never trust movies that show clips and fragments of exciting gory killings and slimy monster action during the opening credits. It certainly won't mean that you're about to witness this, or any other exhilarating gore, footage in the main feature. This is just another shameless gimmicky trick of the legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman to promote his other work. The credits contain footage of classic Corman produced trash, like "Humanoids from the Deep" and "Forbidden World", but furthermore there's no added value to it. "Not of this Earth", the first of two remakes of Roger Corman's own late 50's quickie with the same title, is a fairly charming Sci-Fi flick that completely exploits (and I'm very grateful for it) the ravishing body curves of former adult film star Traci Lords. Sleazy perverts as they are; producers Roger Corman and director Jim Wynorski grab every possible opportunity to slide the camera down Mrs. Lords' tantalizing body and obviously there are numerous completely gratuitous nudity sequences of herself as well as of others voluptuous soft-core starlets like Rebecca LeBeau, Roxanne Kernohan and Ava Cadell. Traci stars as a lurid private nurse giving blood transfusions to the mysteriously behaving Mr. Johnson. He turns out to be an alien scout on a mission to collect earthly beings – preferably prostitutes and stripper girls with massive racks – and send their blood through to another dimension in five different phases, or something like that. Admittedly I wasn't continuously paying full attention to the plot, but I blame Traci Lords' revealing outfits for that. "Not of this Earth" is an insignificant 80's Sci-Fi film, but nonetheless charming and cheesy enough to entertain fans of the genre.
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    This was a cheesy remake of the cheesy original "Not Of This Earth". They seem to have kept the plot and most of the dialogue intact while throwing in a lot of large-busted topless nudity. All that made it memorable for me was Traci Lords starting a "legitimate" film career after fooling a lot of people for a long time. While she's no Meryl Streep, she has talent and an undeniable screen presence. I think her previous career has limited her opportunities....but without it, how many opportunities would she have had? Back to the movie...I think they had fun making it, and left in some bloopers for viewers to find. Look for the scene where a car door is shut and you can see one of the crew, holding a boom mike, reflected in the shiny metal.
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    doesnt Do You

    this is a really fun flick-very funny and sexy and chockablock with busty babes and bad gags. good old fashioned sleazy entertainment! the kind of goofy nudie that cormans cohorts used to make all the time-shameless swiping of other flicks and making sure nekkidness is the norm. including the last time traci lords was nude in a film! also check out ava and becky's cameos. a must see for all pc hating heteros!
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    Scandalous underage porn stars, especially if they boast the sultry succulence of infamous jail bait Traci Lords, do not simply fade into the smoggy California sunset once they reach 18 years of age.

    They go mainstream, which accounts for the existence of Not of This Earth (1988). A remake of a 1957 Roger Corman sci-fi horror flick, this late 1980s version updates the original with a thoroughly- modern surplus of plump and quivering, comely female chest flesh.

    Fans of the candy-striper fetish will be pleased to see tasty Traci parading around as a private nurse to a bloodthirsty alien.

    Connoisseurs of red-blooded romance will be happy to note that the space freak feasts on a high-school hussy, three hookers and a strip-o-gram gal, most of whom fish out the floppers prior to falling prey.
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    A nurse is assigned to help a strange man (Arthur Roberts) requiring regular blood transfusions at his home. He is really an alien checking out humans for harvesting their blood, since his race is dying out because of intergalactic nuclear wars.

    While this movie may not be a great one, it has that 1980s Wynorski sensibility that I so very much enjoy. Cheesy dialogue, a silly science fiction plot (a remake of a classic Roger Corman film, no less) and some crazy fashions (including a gang that looks like a vampire version of The Misfits).

    The general idea of aliens coming to earth for nutrients is a pretty decent plot, and when done in a silly way like this, it is even better. A similar story could be told that is actually scary, but I much prefer the approach they went for here.
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    Not of this Earth is actually a really good b-movie. Im not a movie critic, so i dont know what actually constitutes a good movie by their standards but I do enjoy watching movies and telling about them. This movie is guaranteed to keep you entertained. the acting is really quite good, as well as, Traci Lords is super hott and has a great body. I think i like her better in actual movies. plus Lenny Juliano plays a good part in this flick. In my opinion he is a great character actor, he brings just enough comedy to every movie to keep you paying attention to him. I believe this is one of Jim Wynorski's best movies. but this is definetely not a movie for children. Its not scary or gruesome but there is a good bit of nudity and sex scenes. I rate this movie at least a 7 out of 10.
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    Alien(Arthur Roberts), from a nuclear devastated planet, needs blood not only to keep himself strong, but for his people from home as war ravishes there. He brings in nurse Nadine(Traci Lords) to apply transfusions often so that his strength will remain. His eyes glow so he has to keep a pair of shades on unless retrieving the life force of victims..he also uses mind control over the inferior humans who are weak against his power. He has a blonde servant, known for his criminal activities, named Jeremy(Lenny Juliano). Nadine's boss, Dr. Rochelle(Ace Mask)is a mind control victim of the alien's and does as he wishes. If anyone even mentions his name as a possible suspect in the rash of crimes taking place, where corpses are being drained of blood, Rochelle will not implicate him. Various bimbos become victims as Nadine, her cop boyfriend Harry(Roger Lodge), & Jeremy begin to suspect their wealthy employer, Mr. Johnson being his disguised earth name, may be..Not of This Earth.

    Johnson keeps a gateway housed in his study which works as both a portal between worlds and a telecommunications device to his leader. Soon Johnson discovers that he'll possibly not be able to return home when a female alien passes through the portal to earth informing him that a bimbo he sent was crushed during the travel. Needing blood, the female alien is accidentally given blood, through a transfusion conducted by Johnson, infected with rabies that sends her into a violent frenzy wiping out a group of punks and hunting/executing an innocent woman. The discovery of the female(..coupled with Nadine and Jeremy's snooping) could lead to the revealing of Johnson's true identity.

    To be honest, my true recommendation towards others is seeing Traci Lords in various states of undress or wearing dresses and/or skimpy, scantily-clad clothing that reveals her magnificent body. She's undeniably a sexy woman who does a capable job in the starring role opposite the stone-faced Roberts as an emotion-less alien killing machine, while Juliano as the slimy Jeremy, with a thing for Nadine(..who could fault him for that?)is a hoot. The special effects sequences at the front are really not needed and rather detract from the rest of the film which has nothing to do with those images of various alien monsters terrorizing. There are a number of spirited weirdos who often frequent director Wynorski's trashy pictures. But, Lords is the film's highlight, ESPECIALLY in that blue bikini. As Lodge's cop Harry pronounces as she walks away from him.."Phew, have mercy." Have mercy is right!
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    ******SOME SPOILERS*******

    Wynorski remade of Corman's 50s classic space vampire film for the 80s, and got pretty good results. Traci Lords (in her straight film debut) is no match in the acting department for the original film's Beverly Garland, but she brings her own unique charm and attitude to the film. She plays a nurse who's duty it is to take care of a mysterious patient who turns out to be a scout for a possible alien invasion.

    Lenny Juliano does a very good job here; in fact, the performances are good in the campy style all around. Some upper body nudity of Lords is well handled, but the shots later in the film with the strippers come off more as straight exploitation. Still, this film has just enough cool in it to make it one of the decade's better action/horror/sci-fi flicks. After all, Corman and Griffith's tall dark and sunglass-wearing alien WAS the original terminator.....

    Some of the "hipster" dialogue that Griffith wrote for the original film was actually retained word for word in this remake.....
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    Before you decide whether or not you want to watch this movie, consider the following questions: Do I want to see lots of freaky aliens and spectacular special effects? Do I want to see lots of half-naked women? If your answer to either of these questions is, yes, then you may be disappointed. The weird aliens and gory scenes we see during the opening credits aren't included in the story and, overall, the special effects are mediocre compared to what you would see in a good sci-fi blockbuster. The story's main appeal is suspense and intrigue. For a bonus, we get a generous look at voluptuous Traci Lords in a swimsuit.

    The movie begins when an alien arrives on Earth and kills two young lovers in a secluded place. After this brief introduction to the story, we then see the credits. Set to eerie music, we get glimpses of horrible looking aliens and young terrorized women running, being raped, and giving unnatural birth to hideous creatures. Exactly the kind of thing I DID NOT WANT TO SEE! Perhaps Roger Corman found this montage to be artistic, but all he did was tell me that I was watching another low-budget science fiction-horror flick with a thoughtless plot, bad acting, bogus special effects, and disgusting gore. Fortunately, these scenes seem to have been lifted from earlier works and have no connection whatsoever with the actual story.

    The more credible story that Corman tells is one of a very human looking alien with a strange disease, who relies on blood transfusions to remain alive. His intriguing problem is the main reason why I watched the film to the end. Unfortunately, Corman tried too hard to provide us with gratuitous glimpses of young women in various states of undress.

    It works well when the model is Traci Lords, who plays the role of a young nurse, Nadine Story, and is quite stunning in a swimsuit. Her natural looking breasts were a welcome contrast to the "plastic" enhancements that have become a staple of modern B-movies. I'm relieved that the movie was made 20 years ago, a time before breast jobs had become "over inflated".

    Even though sexy women are an important attraction, I still don't want them presented in a clumsy fashion. Corman's "excuse" for revealing Traci's curvaceous body is the simple fact that in the context of the story they are in the middle of a heat wave, and Nadine had a swimming pool in the house that she was staying in. Fair enough, given that Traci acts well enough to play a leading role in a B movie, but Corman doesn't stop there. He shows us more and more half-dressed women, often for entirely pointless reasons, who aren't nearly as good looking as Traci.

    If you like Traci, and I expect you will, you have plenty of her earlier porn movies to choose from, which are doubtless more revealing. If, on the other hand, you want to see some skin, but you find endless scenes of orgies to be boring at best and at worst disgusting, like myself you're stuck trying to find a B-movie with good looking young models who act reasonably well and are cast in story that is at the very least plausible. In which case this movie is OK, but could have been better.
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    Jim Wynorski directed this remake of a '50s Roger Corman movie about an alien from a dying planet who comes to Earth in search of blood. Corman also produced this one, which should be evident by the shoddy use of footage from other Corman movies in the opening credits and sprinkled here and there throughout the movie. Other than these added bits, this is pretty much a scene-for-scene remake of the original, with updated effects and nudity. The star of the movie is former porn star Traci Lords, who appears naked here for the last time on screen. Her body is certainly a sight to behold. Her acting is a little stiff at times but she still does the best job of anybody in this. Her delivery of the many sarcastic lines her character has seems more at home in a film noir parody but it keeps things interesting in a movie where they were using a script from the 1950s. Backing up Traci is forgettable Arthur Roberts as the alien, future "Blind Date" host Roger Lodge as her cop boyfriend, and Lenny Juliano as the ex-con chauffeur who has more chemistry with Traci than Lodge does. It's an enjoyable enough movie of its type, helped some by the campy tone and the nudity.
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    Perky nurse Nadine Story (an endearingly spunky portrayal by delectable former underage porno starlet Traci Lords) discovers that Mr. Johnson (nicely played with appropriately deadpan sinisterness by Arthur Roberts), the mysterious man she works for, is really a lethal vampiric alien with deadly glowing blue eyes who's researching mankind for possible conquest by his dying race from the atomic war-ravaged planet Davanna. Director/co-writer Jim Wynorski and frequent collaborator R.J. Robertson bring an amusingly tongue-in-cheek campy sensibility to the enjoyably silly premise and treat the whole thing with a refreshing dearth of pretense: the plot zips along at a constant brisk pace, there's a pleasingly copious amount of yummy gratuitous female nudity, the cheap special effects are suitably tacky, and we even get choice snazzy clips from such drive-in trash gems as "Hollywood Boulevard," "Humanoids from the Deep," "Forbidden World," and "Galaxy of Terror." The cast have a ball with their colorful roles: Lords is both sexy and appealing as the feisty heroine (Ms. Lords looks very smashing in a blue bikini and positively delicious in her birthday suit), Lenny Juliano brings real flair to his part as smarmy sleazeball chauffeur Jeremy, Roger Lodge is likable as Nadine's ramrod cop boyfriend Harry, and Ace Mask contributes a lively performance as cheery blood specialist Dr. Rochelle, plus there are nifty bits by Monique Gabrielle as nutty bag lady Agnes, Michael Delano as an obnoxiously pushy hipster vacuum cleaner salesman, Kelli Maroney as a nurse, the gorgeous Rebecca Perle as an alien woman who embarks on a murderous spree after being accidentally injected with blood infected with rabies, Becky LeBeau as a ditsy Strip-O-Gram girl, and Ava Cadell, Cynthia Ann Thompson, and Roxanne Kernohan as a trio of brash hookers. Zoran Hochstatter's reasonably slick cinematography boasts a few neat wipes and dissolves. Chuck Cirino's infectiously bouncy score also hits the blithely cornball spot. This admittedly lowbrow junk has a certain gleefully dippy charm to it that's impossible to either resist or dislike. A good deal of winningly inane and lighthearted fun.
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    the monster

    I rented this out of curiosity to see how they remade the 1957 version which I saw several times as a youngster. The remake was fun to watch even though there is quite a bit of T & A which has very little to do with the plot. They retained much of what I remember from the original including a lot of the dialog, Johnson driving a 50's boat-tail Cadillac, his 5-phase mission, the metal case where Johnson first put the blood of his victims, Nadine's boyfriend being a policeman, and, of course, the ending. One notable omission was that the doctor wasn't killed.

    It would be great if the original could be successfully transferred to DVD.
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    Not of this Earth (1988, Dir. Jim Wynorski)

    A mysterious stranger known only as Mr. Johnson turns up and demands a blood transfusion. Dr. Rochelle grants him the blood, and sends his nurse Nadine Story to stay with him, in order for him to get his daily transfusion. Dr. Rochelle becomes interested in Mr. Johnson's blood, especially when it turns out to be nothing like normal human blood. It gets even weirder, when Mr. Johnsons servant, Jeremy notices people entering the house and not leaving. Nadine decides that she must search the house in order to find out the truth about Mr. Johnson.

    I wan't expecting a classic when i put 'Not of this Earth' into my DVD player, and although i was right about it not being a classic, i did surprisingly enjoy it. There are a lot of cheap movies, which are just painful to sit through and look so unprofessional, but this was not one of them. The acting was actually very good. Traci Lords was good, especially since she was a porn star before this. Arthur Roberts was good at playing a sinister villain. You really do feel there was something hiding with him. The film was advertised as rated 18 for sex scenes and nudity, but i didn't feel as if they was any more than you would find in a 15 certificate film. The nudity was very brief and only happened in small scenes. A scene where three hookers were topless turned me off more than on. The violence was very little and the special effects were pretty much cartoon. Still, it was fun to watch on a Saturday night.

    "That's a nice little mole you have on your left cheek." - Jeremy (Lenny Juliano)
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    A nurse (Traci Lords- in her first mainstream film role) is assigned to take of an elderly recluse (Arthur Roberts) with a rare blood disorder. In reality, he is an alien vampire who is using the blood from the transfusions to save his dying planet. Ultra campy remake of the 1957 Roger Corman classic is mainly a showcase for the talents of Traci Lords and to show off the director's colorful style. Rated R.
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    This remake from Roger Corman's own 1957 "Not of this Earth". shares pretty much the some plot as the original. Alien comes to Earth from a far-off world to acquire blood for his dying race. The only updates are blood and breasts. Taci Lord's first mainstream acting role and I suspect it's because her fellow actors are just horrid, because she comes out as being good in it. If you don't plan on seeing this film with a six-pack at the ready, then my advice is DON'T. Also to have the stunning Monique Gabrielle in the film, but only in a bit part AND make her ugly is a travesty. Wynorski made some pretty good B-movies in the start of his career, but this isn't one of them. However comparing this film to the ones that he puts out today, it's a masterpiece.

    My Grade: C-

    DVD Extras: Commentary with JimWynorski and Lenny Juliano;Cast and crew Bios; and Trailers for "The Doorway", "Humanoids from the Deep", and "Brain Dead"

    Eye Candy: Ave Cadell, Belinda Grant, Roxanne Kernohan, Becky LeBeau, Taaffie O'Connell, and last but not least Traci Lords all let loose massive mammories. Traci shows her rump as well. This film is huge hooter heaven (say that three times fast)
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    Seeing any Jim Wynorski film without advance warning of what a tasteless and untalented hack he is, is the cinematic equivalent of finding that your lapdog has suddenly been taken by a extended fit of explosive, malodorous diarrhea. Before viewing any Wynorski film, view a list of his extensive credits; if you've seen a single one of his films, you will know the cheated feeling that every viewer of his films knows. If you never saw any of them, thank whatever god you worship that you managed to dodge 70 bullets (actually if you also count his writing and/or producing credits, there's some 150 sh*tbombs he's to be blamed for).

    If you've escaped this potentially fatal fusillade, do not defy this run of great luck by viewing any of them. Life is too brief. Professionally, I was required to view several of Wynorski's earliest works, and I blame this traumatic experience for ending my career in show biz.

    Traci Lords gave much better performances in any of her earlier films, all of which had better scripts, direction and production values than this steaming load.
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    Well, just about everything.

    This movie is about a space vampire who comes to earth to harvest blood and see if the planet is ripe for conquest. IN order to survive, he requires daily transfusions from Nurse Naughty played by Traci Lords, who previously gave the porn industry a black eye by announcing she was underage when she made most of her films, and making a lot of unsuspecting people child pornographers.

    We have several gratuitous topless scenes, some stock spaceship footage from Roger's previous film, "Battle beyond the stars" (I KNEW I had seen those shots in a bunch of other movies!) More stock footage in the opening credits from Roger's other films.

    You know, with a smart script, this might have been an interesting concept. However, Roger Corman wouldn't know a smart script if it came along and bit him on the backside.
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    This 1988 movie came out when Traci Lords was 20, which means it was likely filmed when she was 19, just a short time removed from her under- age introduction to the porn industry. She was quite lovely to look at, and the script makes sure we see a couple of scenes where she shows off her well-endowed bresticles. But she couldn't act back then. It comes across as a very amateurish performance.

    The entire movie is so bad and so campy that it is actually good ... good, fun, brainless entertainment. Traci Lords is Nadine Story, a nurse who gets talked into being the private nurse, for transfusions, for a man who claims he is dying. That man is actor Arthur Roberts as the mysterious Mr. Johnson, who we find is from an advanced race 'not of this Earth', but from a distant planet where massive radiation is destroying people by destroying their blood.

    Mr Johnson has been sent to evaluate Earth and see if using the blood of Earthlings will work, and if it does they will all come and take over. So he has to gather specimens, and he has some very novel ways of doing that.

    The other two key characters are Lenny Juliano as petty crook Jeremy who has been hired by Mr Johnson as a personal valet. Both he and the nurse are getting $2000 a week, which was quite a nice salary in 1988. The other is Ace Mask as Dr. Rochelle who first treats Mr Johnson but via mind control is unable to say anything about the anomalies he is finding.

    Just a fun diversion, and for those who are curious, to see a very young Traci Lords in a non-porn role. Man I wish she could act!

    SPOILERS: After all the set up the end comes quickly and undramatically. Mr Johnson has a particular vulnerability, loud noises like sirens are excruciatingly painful. As he is being chased by a motorcycle cops and the siren goes on, he loses control of the car, runs off a bridge, crashes and burns to death. In the last scene as the nurse and her friend look at the "Not of This Earth" headstone in the cemetery, and they walk away, another man almost like Mr Johnson walks up to the headstone, carrying a similar aluminum briefcase, and the movie captions is "The End", followed quickly by "The End??".
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    This film is a remake of the movie with the same title made in 1957. It follows the original film very closely with a few alterations thrown in. As in the original film, an alien from another world, who goes by the name of "Mr. Johnson" (Arthur Roberts), has come to Earth because his race needs blood. But prior to invading Earth and subjugating the human race, the aliens need more data from him on whether human blood can sustain them and for how long. His mission then is to stay alive long enough to collect this information and in order to do that he needs blood as well. After acquiring some from a nearby clinic, he hires a nurse named "Nadine Storey" (Traci Lords) to administer blood to him on a daily basis and to keep him healthy for as much time as possible. In the meantime, he continues to kill people and send their blood through a portal to his home world of "Devana". Again, it's the same story only remade with some modifications. Now, some of these changes are improvements. But some are weaknesses which, in my opinion, end up hurting the film more than helping it. Some of the improvements include the fact that this particular movie is filmed in color versus the poor quality black and white version of the original. Likewise, the fact that this was made 31 years later gives it a more modern quality. It adds more humor as well. But most importantly, the role of "Nadine Storey" is played by Traci Lords who is much more sexy than Beverly Garland was in the previous movie. On the minus side, I thought that the overall acting wasn't nearly as good. Further, the director (Jim Wynorski) chose to go with more nudity which tended to give this film a rather cheap and trashy feel since there weren't any scenes that necessarily required it. Even so, this film was intended to highlight Traci Lords and I thought this decision was a good one for the most part. That said, while she was definitely alluring, I must also state that she seemed a bit too snippy and overbearing at times which resulted in a slightly uneven performance. So, in the original film the story focuses on the acting of the attractive Beverly Garland. In this film the focus is on the sex appeal of Traci Lords. And because nobody else in this film stepped up to give any performances worth mentioning, I have to say that the original version was the better of the two. In short, the bad points seemed to weigh this film down a bit too much and because of that I feel it is somewhat below average.
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    in waiting

    This film is mainly remembered as Traci Lord's first post-porn role and while she shows she is a competent thespian (though I don't expect to see her collecting an Oscar anytime soon), "Not of this Earth" is also memorable for the appearances by a number of other B movie veterans like Monique Gabrielle and Becky Le Beau and for the fact it is a remake of an old Roger Corman classic.

    The film supposedly came to be made as the result of a bet between director Jim Wynorski and Roger Corman that Wynorski couldn't remake "Not of this Earth" in less time than the original took, which was about four days. Wynorski won the bet but the results show as the film does look rushed in spots and its missing some the spark of the original (in particular Dick Miller who was great in the original).

    Basically the plot follows the attempts by an alien who comes to earth to collect blood and take it back to his dying planet. This basically allows for a number of actresses to take their clothes off and a grab bag of jokes.

    This film is nothing revolutionary but generally I found it to be a passable time waster, which is really all the director set out to achieve.