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The Dictator (1915) HD online

The Dictator (1915) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Romance
Original Title: The Dictator
Director: Oscar Eagle
Writers: Richard Harding Davis
Released: 1915
Video type: Movie
Brooke Travers, a young society man of a roving disposition and much leisure, gets into a cab with his valet and his trunks, to go to his yacht for a cruise. Arriving at the pier, the cabman demands an exorbitant charge for his fare, and, upon Travers resenting the charge, he is again soaked by the cabman, this time with his capable fists. Travers strikes back, and the cabman falls, his head hitting a curbstone. The ambulance surgeon arrives, pronounces the man dying, and advises Travers to flee. Taking the advice and the cab, Travers and his valet hasten for another wharf, and take ship for Central America. As they are landing at the little port of Porto Banos, the consul of that place, who is also an instigator of revolutions, offers to let Travers take his credentials and pose as Dictator in his place, pretending to be afraid of the yellow fever, but really because he has learned of a new revolution, and is afraid of his life. Travers, fearing the law is already on his track, ...
Cast overview:
John Barrymore John Barrymore - Brooke Travers
Charlotte Ives Charlotte Ives - Lucy Sheridan
Ruby Hoffman Ruby Hoffman - Juanita
Ivan F. Simpson Ivan F. Simpson - Simpson
Walter Craven Walter Craven - Gen. Campos
Robert Broderick Robert Broderick - Col. Bowie
Esther Lyon Esther Lyon - Mrs. Bowie
Henry West Henry West - Rev. Bostick (as Harry West)
Mario Majeroni Mario Majeroni - Gen. Rivas
Thomas McGrath Thomas McGrath - Duffy