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Insecurity (2007) HD online

Insecurity (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance / Thriller
Original Title: Insecurity
Director: Rohan Harris
Writers: Rohan Harris
Released: 2007
Budget: AUD 250
Duration: 1h 16min
Video type: Movie
When offered four thousand dollars to break into a computer network, Leon and Greg are not concerned with something as petty as morality. The only real questions are what complications can arise from hacking into a small home business, what is wrong with the twenty year old daughter Madison. What should Greg do when his friend cannot stop watching the girl on her own webcam, without her knowledge.
Credited cast:
Peter Love Peter Love - Leon
Ben Sand Ben Sand - Kevin
Zoe Tarling Zoe Tarling - Madison Black
Kurtis Wakefield Kurtis Wakefield - Greg

Filmed in just 4 days.

Released for free under a creative commons license.

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    I enjoyed this movie. Would have preferred it to be a little more technical, but I expect some viewers would have preferred less technical. I liked the opening dialog, it kind of set the stage for the moral questions.

    The music throughout the film could have been toned down a little, at times it was hard to hear the actors.

    A little more information about the job could have been provided, I felt it was a little hard to follow exactly what they were doing the job for other than money.

    This is one of the best independent films I've seen!