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Smurfs The Cursed Country (1981–1990) HD online

Smurfs The Cursed Country (1981–1990) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Original Title: The Cursed Country
Director: George Gordon,Bob Hathcock
Writers: Creighton Barnes,John Bates
Released: 1981–1990
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
An evil master uses a fire-breathing dragon to capture slaves for his diamond mine, but the Smurfs find a way to douse the flames.
Episode cast overview:
Don Messick Don Messick - Papa Smurf (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Peewit / Hefty Smurf (voice)
Lucille Bliss Lucille Bliss - Smurfette (voice)
Michael Bell Michael Bell - Johan (voice)
Alan Oppenheimer Alan Oppenheimer - Homnibus (voice)

"The Cursed Country" ("Le Pays Maudit" in French) is the name of the land where the Smurfs lived in the "Johan et Pirlouit" ("Johan and Peewit" in English) comic stories. It is also the title of a 1961 comic story. Unlike the cartoon version, Smurfette did not appear in it and there was only one un-named Smurf who lead the King, Johan, and Peewit to the Smurf Village (not Smurfette and Hefy in the cartoon version).

The debut of the enchanter Homnibus in the cartoon series. A character that predated the debut of the Smurfs by a few years, he debuted in the 1955 "Johan et Pirlouit" ("Johan and Peewit" in English) comic story "La pierre de lune" ("The Moonstone" in English). This story was not adapted by Hanna-Barbara.