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If the Shoe Fits (1990) HD online

If the Shoe Fits (1990) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: If the Shoe Fits
Director: Tom Clegg
Writers: Timothy Prager,Madeline Di Maggio
Released: 1990
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
A modern Cinderella in Paris: While the plain Kelly Carter jobs as a gadrobiere for the famous fashion designer Francesco, she dreams of designing shoes for him. However she can't win his attention... until she meets a good fairy on the street, who enchants a pair of Kelly's shoes, so that she turns into supermodel Prudence whenever she wears them. She attends one of Francesco's balls and immediately wins his heart. Now, how can she make him love her real self?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Rob Lowe Rob Lowe - Francesco Salvitore
Jennifer Grey Jennifer Grey - Kelly Carter / Prudence
Élisabeth Vitali Élisabeth Vitali - Véronique
Andréa Ferréol Andréa Ferréol - Wanda
Rebecca Potok Rebecca Potok - Mimi Larcher
Sacha Briquet Sacha Briquet - Cirage
Florence Pelly Florence Pelly - Taffy
Alison Hornus Alison Hornus - Domino
Fabienne Chaudat Fabienne Chaudat - Receptionist
Josephine Penedo Josephine Penedo - Carol
Marie-Ange De Toffoli Marie-Ange De Toffoli - Model
Céline Arbaud Céline Arbaud - Model
Christel Chouchane Christel Chouchane - Model
Brenda Kane Brenda Kane - Model
Gaby Revner Gaby Revner - Model

Reviews: [8]

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    I can see why most people might rank this movie poorly but it all lies in expectations. I classify this movie as a wonderful "cheesy movie fix". It is a carefree, entertaining movie. The acting is commendable. There is conflict where you find yourself rooting for people and hoping that the heroine makes out in the end.

    I have introduced many of my friends to my "cheesy movie collection" and they always fair well.

    "And that's entertainment"
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    Why did I see this movie? Because of Rob Lowe. Why did I enjoy this movie? Because it's cute fluff. This is a Cinderella tale, complete with requisite wicket roommates and a fashion-traumatized Fairy Godmother. Jennifer Grey plays the Cinderella character and she designs shoes. She also falls in love with Salvitore (Rob Lowe) for absolutely no reason that the audience can tell, as he's pretty much a self-absorbed designer who wears sequins. After Kelly, our hapless heroine, helps a tourist (the fairy godmother) her shoes become magical, and when she wears them she becomes Prudence, the fashion model that Salvitore immediately falls in love with. Well, I'm sure you can guess what happens, Kelly and Prudence force Salvitore to choose between them, and he makes the right choice, of course. But it _is_ a cute movie, and I suggest that if you're lucky enough to find it (and it is cheap on go ahead and watch it.
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    This is a wonderful take on the Cinderella Story. It's cute but different. It focuses on the confidence rather than the short end of the stick. The step sisters are terrible, slovenly roommates and the man up for grabs is the egocentric Rob Lowe who gets a reality check when he falls in love. It's entertaining.
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    This movie, although obviously low in budget and made for T.V, is sweet and entertaining. You find yourself getting caught up in the romantic feel of the film, and although you think Salvitore is a twit, you can't help but want Kelly to land up with him. Rob Lowe also is a plus to this film, and even though Jennifer Grey had already lost her Dirty Dancing teenage gawkiness, you still like her and hate the "ugly sisters". It has a happy ending and an enjoyable plot line, although intensely impossible in many parts, like the rapid changing scenes. You won't be disappointed with this film if your looking for a hunky leading man, a cute, quirky leading lady and a fairytale ending!
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    If The Shoe Fits is a modern reworking of the Cinderella legend with Rob Lowe, Jennifer Grey and a whole bunch French players. Just getting a trip to Paris to shoot there would have been reason enough for me to take the roles.

    A wardrobe girl at designer Rob Lowe's house of fashion, Jennifer Grey is a bit of a drudge who lives with a pair of models who think they're something special. But one day Grey finds a pair of abandoned shoes who a kind fairy godmother enchants. She wears those and she's Cheryl Tiegs. And does Lowe ever notice, especially since she wants to design shoes for his house.

    Lowe's a bit of a stretch as Prince Charming. As is said his world is populated by images of beauty. He finds it hard to relate to people. Not the most charming of fashion princes, but love always has its own reasons.

    Lowe, the successor to Tyrone Power in those hero/heel roles and Grey and the rest of the cast perform well in this modern fable of Cinderella. Worth a look if you are a fan of the aging Brat Packer.
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    I seen this movie over a minute ago as I haven't seen it in a long time as I forgot what the film was about.

    Jennifer Grey (from Dirty Dancing) plays Kelly Carter a shoe designer who works for Francisco(played by Rob Lowe)in Salvitare. You see Kelly is a very shy person and she has a thing for Francisco,that is until she meets a mysterious French woman who wants to find a certain place and Kelly happens to be going for an interview to see Francisco about her designs in shoes. But when the mysterious woman fixes Kelly's high heel shoes that were broken,Kelly one night decides to put them on as she is going to a ball hosted by Francisco. Of course when she does put on the shoes that she made herself she is transformed from being a nerdy woman to a beautiful woman.

    Problems arises when Francisco meets Kelly (now going by Prudence)and he falls in love with her as Prudence and wants her to be the face for Salvitare. But will Francisco love Kelly for herself or for Prudence? And how far can Kelly go from being herself to Prudence(her alter ego)

    Bottom line this Cinderella adapted tale isn't the best I have seen. Its very contrived and lackluster but if you love 90s flicks then check it out.

    Good: The setting is nice and the acting is nicely done too Bad: The story has been done to death before but I do love the Cinderella story so I guess that is why I decided to watch it.

    Overall its a 3/10
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    I have been looking to find this film, which is out of production, for some time. I finally found it issued under the title 'Stroke of Midnight'. I thought that the film poster featured a rather exquisite leg that attracted Rob Lowe to fit the magic slipper. I somehow doubt that the leg on the poster belongs to Jennifer Grey.

    Well, I must say that this film features a rather portly Jennifer Grey. She has obviously gained several pounds and had a nose job since her 'Dirty Dancing' triumph. It takes a lot of confidence to send Jennifer out as a fashion model. She has some good attributes, but not as a glamor queen. I found her 'Prudence' character bizarre but not stunningly beautiful.

    Rob Lowe is over the top here in mannerisms and dress. He is just shy of being gay in his performance. That outrageous jacket he wears at the party is just about covered in gold threads and tassels. I break up in giggles whenever I watch that scene. I bet every hotel doorman longs to wear such a jacket.

    Anyway, this is a lighthearted bit of fantasy fluff and mostly succeeds on that level. As another comment has noted, this film came at a low point in both these star's careers. It payed the bills and tided the stars over a rough spot, until they could land better projects.

    At least that was true for Rob Lowe. Jennifer Grey never really recovered from her slump. She has mostly done bit parts and TV movies ever since her nose job. I did see the two stars together again in the TV movie 'Outrage'. That drama was hardly any quality improvement over this effort.

    Well, Jennifer did her best with the thin plot and managed to provide some interesting scenes. Her collisions with the ugly stepsisters were a hoot. It was good to see her character finally make some headway with her boss, the self-absorbed fool Salvitore. This film would make a perfectly acceptable date film to get her into a romantic mood.
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    If you're looking for great drama and deep meaning, skip this one. But if you want a new twist on a familiar story, try it. Cinderella was never more fun and Jennifer Grey is quite wonderful. Rob Lowe is beautifully self-absorbed. The fairy god-mother is a hoot! Vain roommates, greedy co-workers and sycophants round out a rather non-traditional cast and keep the spirit light. And I always cheer when "Cinderella" takes charge of her own destiny. I enjoy it all over again at each viewing. The look inside the world of the fashion industry and the quest to be one of the beautiful people just adds to the pleasure. It is just plain fun!