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Uccidere in silenzio (1972) HD online

Uccidere in silenzio (1972) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Uccidere in silenzio
Director: Giuseppe Rolando
Writers: Alberto Ardissone,Salvatore Laurani
Released: 1972
Duration: 1h 39min
Video type: Movie
Valeria (Piccolo) and Gianni (Baldini) are students and soon begin a love affair. When she becomes pregnant, they have to face the decision to have the child or an abortion.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ottavia Piccolo Ottavia Piccolo - Valeria Corsini
Sylva Koscina Sylva Koscina - Madre di Valeria
Gino Cervi Gino Cervi - Nono Devoto
Rodolfo Baldini Rodolfo Baldini - Gianni Devoto
Juanito Paolini Juanito Paolini
Gipo Farassino Gipo Farassino - Il clochard
Anna Bolens Anna Bolens
Wilma D'Eusebio Wilma D'Eusebio
Ilse Manfrino Ilse Manfrino
Rubens Bonetti Rubens Bonetti
Lorenzo Gobbo Lorenzo Gobbo
Gianfranco Fiore Gianfranco Fiore
Enrico Gaudenzi Enrico Gaudenzi
Maurizio Gavina Maurizio Gavina
Giancarlo Maniscot Giancarlo Maniscot