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Culo caliente (2002) HD online

Culo caliente (2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Adult
Original Title: Culo caliente
Director: Robby D.,Jim Holliday
Released: 2002
Duration: 4h
Video type: Creative Work
4 hours of hot smokin Vivid senoritas. XXX-tra spicy latina sex action. This is going to get you off...oh so much.
Credited cast:
Buck Adams Buck Adams - (archive footage)
Charlene Aspen Charlene Aspen - (archive footage)
Tia Bella Tia Bella - (archive footage)
Dale DaBone Dale DaBone - (archive footage)
Jon Dough Jon Dough - (archive footage)
August Knight August Knight - (archive footage) (as August)
Nicole Lace Nicole Lace - (archive footage)
Heather Lee Heather Lee - (archive footage)
Lola Lola - (archive footage)
Melody Love Melody Love - (archive footage)
Mercedez Mercedez - (archive footage)
Alec Metro Alec Metro - (archive footage) (as Alex Metro)
Peter North Peter North - (archive footage)
Raylene Raylene - (archive footage)
Alicia Rio Alicia Rio - (archive footage)

Reviews: [2]

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    Well what more can I say about this great DVD, last year I liked along side other IMDb member skischool2 and like he has said we had this puppy on repeat for around the 24 hr mark, made doing an essay very entertaining as you could have a break and still it would be on a great scene. On top of this it also attracted any crowds that grazed passed our doors what with the detailed money shots, anal submissions etc.

    As he has said Peter North and the Whisky guy are again amazing, providing not only good porn but comedy genius to the role as well, very tempting for anyone out there who thinks they could get away with having a drink whilst getting head.

    8/10 for me due to the fact that it kept the Doncaster dream alive for me, Scullo and Thomo!
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    Me, Brammo and a Gerald Houllier look-alike had a blast with this little treat. It had good scenes, funny scenes, loud scenes, scenes which made the people walking past do a double-take (speaking of which, some of the girls withstood a 'double-take').

    Pre-musclebound Peter North; the icon, is in splendid form in devouring his main squeeze. As is John Doe and the robust guy drinking whilst on the job, a real hoot! The girls range from the mega-damn booty! to the 'I-wouldn't't-even-touch-that-with-Brammo's!', one lass is particularly loud and has sound effects which resemble a plunger when 'in the area', Mercedez is bang-bang! And for oddity there's a scene with no hanky panky in it whatsoever, post-modern porn eh!??!

    There's some dialogue in Spanish if you're interested in learning the language and at almost 4 hours long, it's more than a movie, it's a fest! Culo rules!