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Jordan Valley Blues (2010) HD online

Jordan Valley Blues (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: Jordan Valley Blues
Released: 2010
Budget: $10,000
Duration: 43min
Video type: Movie
Meet Palestinian farmers living in the Jordan Valley, who are forced to abandon their land due to lack of water and harassment from the Israeli military. One tests his entrepreneurship in his home village; the other accepts work in one of the illegal Israeli colonies, sacrificing his rights as a worker and so much more. Then meet an Israeli settler who asserts he is so happy to be able to give 35 Palestinians jobs, for without him, they'd starve. Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley are among the most oppressed and thirsty communities living in the West Bank - despite the abundance of fresh water resources. Illegal Israeli colonizers are dominating the landscape and its inhabitants with large agricultural settlements, which export 99% of the dates, grapes, bananas and flowers they produce to Europe. The same Israeli permitting restrictions that are drastically limiting Palestinian water and sanitation development throughout the West Bank are obstructing nearly all Palestinian ...