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Max aéronaute (1907) HD online

Max aéronaute (1907) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Max aéronaute
Released: 1907
Video type: Movie
The first scene shows a beginner going up in a balloon with a companion. It soon rises to a good height, but the grapnell is trailing and, as the balloon passes over a police station, the point catches through the coat of a constable who is gaping at the sky, and swiftly drags him into the air. In scene two the man in blue is gently dropped, splash, into a canal. Meanwhile the balloon continues its career of destruction and hoists up newspaper kiosks, a perambulator with a child therein, a kennel and its canine occupant, and other articles, all of which fall to the ground and are smashed to pieces. Meanwhile an indignant crowd of injured persons collects. The balloon falls foul of the chimneys on a near-by-house and sends them among the crowd of pursuers, but when it finally grounds they take an adequate revenge on the aeronaut.
Credited cast:
Max Linder Max Linder - Max