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Cottonmouth (2009) HD online

Cottonmouth (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Horror
Original Title: Cottonmouth
Director: Christopher P. Garetano
Writers: Steve Bissette,Christopher P. Garetano
Released: 2009
Duration: 6min
Video type: Movie
On a cold dark night, when the moon is full.. four angry ladies rise from the grave to take their revenge on a (tampon) company man who made it possible for them to die of toxic shock syndrome.
Credited cast:
Michelle Brachfeld Michelle Brachfeld - The Daughter
John Brodie John Brodie - The Man
Monique Dupree Monique Dupree - The Bloated Ghost
Megan Pillar Megan Pillar - Mother / Emaciated Ghost
Debbie Rochon Debbie Rochon - The Angry Ghost

The Director (Christopher P. Garetano) was obsessed with the original "Cottonmouth" comic when he was ten years old.

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    I saw this film on the web site when it was released last October. I recently viewed it again, and was completely impressed once again , on how the film builds, atmosphere, the look of the makeup is so unique, and very well done. All the elements of a true film maker are put in play.How the filmmaker was able to create full developed character in such a small amount running time, deserves an applause. I am equally creeped out,as I was intrigued. I have not read the comic, it was based on. But I have met the Director a couple of occasions, a few years prior to this.I look forward to seeing more form Garetano especially, the still in development south Texas blues. You can watch the short on the web site, @

    cottonmouth.TV .
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    Elastic Skunk

    Four angry women come back from the dead to exact a harsh revenge on the tampon company man who made it possible for them to die of toxic shock syndrome. Director/writer Christopher P. Garetano's potently grim and atmospheric adaptation of Stephen R. Bissette's graphic novel doesn't pull any punches in its firm, explicit and unsettling telling of vengeance from beyond the grave. Listening to the soothing voice of a bitter zombie mother calmly describe what she's doing as she slowly sews the man's mouth shut with a needle and thread makes for a truly chilling viewing experience. The striking cinematography by Garetano and Hollis Meminger not only makes inspired use of smoke and shadowy lighting, but also offers a striking wealth of genuinely creepy and unsettling visuals (the shots of the man squirming in a dirty grave as worms crawl all over him are especially disturbing). The make-up f/x are suitably gruesome without being overly gross (the zombies in particular are positively hideous). Chris Alexander's spare and shivery score further enhances the overall supremely gloomy and unnerving mood. An excellent and impressive short.