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The Mysterious Mr. M (1946) HD online

The Mysterious Mr. M (1946) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure
Original Title: The Mysterious Mr. M
Director: Lewis D. Collins,Vernon Keays
Writers: Paul Huston,Joseph F. Poland
Released: 1946
Duration: 3h 47min
Video type: Movie
An evil scientist known as "Mr. M." uses a drug he has developed called "hypnotreme" to help steal submarine equipment. Federal agent Grant Farrell is dispatched to find the mysterious villain and stop his nefarious plans.
Complete credited cast:
Dennis Moore Dennis Moore - Agent Grant Farrell
Pamela Blake Pamela Blake - Shirley Clinton
Richard Martin Richard Martin - Detective Lieutenant Kirby Walsh
Jane Randolph Jane Randolph - Marina Lamont
Danny Morton Danny Morton - Derek Lamont
Edmund MacDonald Edmund MacDonald - Anthony Waldron
Jack Ingram Jack Ingram - William Shrag
Joe Haworth Joe Haworth - Donninger
Byron Foulger Byron Foulger - Wetherby / Mr. M
Joseph Crehan Joseph Crehan - Police Chief Dan Blair
William Ching William Ching - Jim Farrell [Chs. 1-3] (as William Brooks)
Virginia Brissac Virginia Brissac - Cornelia Waldron

This was Universal Pictures' last theatrical serial. Three additional serials were canceled while still in the planning stages: The Yukon Sky Patrol, The Scarlet Horseman Rides Again, and The Evil Eye.

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    In those long gone nineteen forties children's matinees it was clear that this one was a down sizing of the adventure serials that the kids prized. The fantastic elements which made them memorable had been replaced by guys in suits slugging it out and the occasional model shot crash.

    The cast played it all straight faced. The studio, that had produced FLASH GORDON, rolled it out without any hint of guilt for abandoning us to the inanities of Sam Katzman at the rival supplier. I still recall the worm turns turn by Byron Foulger however.