» » Topservice Episode #1.9 (2017– )

Topservice Episode #1.9 (2017– ) HD online

Topservice Episode #1.9 (2017– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary
Original Title: Episode #1.9
Director: Maria Lise Van Lente
Released: 2017–
Video type: TV Episode
In episode 9, art restaurateur Frederik visits a castle master and retains some works for restoration. He is jovial and friendly in his dealings with the art owner, but the actual top service he delivers to the artist himself. As he restores a work of Permeke, he imagines that the artist is standing next to him and is giving him clues. He does his job with a lot of passion and love and he gives up on it a lot. For jet-set hairdresser Alain it's an important day, his hairdresser's Maison Roger exists 80 years. And that calls for a party, but no ordinary party, an exclusive soiree for the beau monde. Alain is on the nerves, everything must be perfect for him. Nothing ignores his watchful eye, he interferes with every detail. When Princess Claire arrives, the entrance must be released, a moment of chaos. Will he succeed in leading the party? Rinus is finally a butler, he takes us to his first job: he works in a chic hotel where a butler service is offered. In addition to the tasks at the...