» » Un beau jour, un coiffeur (2004)

Un beau jour, un coiffeur (2004) HD online

Un beau jour, un coiffeur (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Romance
Original Title: Un beau jour, un coiffeur
Director: Gilles Bindi
Writers: Gilles Bindi
Released: 2004
Duration: 12min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview:
Julien Baumgartner Julien Baumgartner - Jérôme
Clément Allanic Clément Allanic - Brice, le coiffeur
Colette Kraffe Colette Kraffe - La patronne du salon
Malvina Héraud Malvina Héraud - Claire
Marie-Laure Beneston Marie-Laure Beneston - La mère
Camille Grosjean Camille Grosjean - La soeur
Ulysse Grosjean Ulysse Grosjean - Le frère
Laurent Boubeker Laurent Boubeker - Le père
Catherine Lachens Catherine Lachens - La cliente du salon
Gaëlle Vincent Gaëlle Vincent - La caissière
Guirlain Géran Guirlain Géran - Le maître-nageur

Reviews: [3]

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    What a sweet movie.. I caught it on LOGO TV, the gay channel in a program featuring short films. A simple movie, but one that gets to the point: first love, young love.. not always smooth or easy. It is a great little movie in that it focuses on what people do for love.. Everyone should enjoy it. The lead actor was in another great film called YOU'LL GET OVER IT. You would do well to try and catch it. and the characters are not overly feminine, which is nice for a change. Even the hairdresser is good looking but not over the top. Of course a happy ending is great.. A lesson to be learned. One can fall in love with another person if the first does not work out. A good life lesson. ENJOY.
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    I love this little film so much I could watch it over and over and over and over again! What a delight! In the film, **SPOILERS** a young philosophy student walks into a hair cutting salon to get a haircut, only to be jolted by a lightning bolt as soon as he enters the shop: he sees the man of his dreams smiling at him and he is SMITTEN. Helplessly in love. He can't stop thinking of the hair cutter of his dreams, so he goes back for ANOTHER haircut even when he doesn't need or want another haircut.

    His rapture, however, becomes shattered when he finds that the object of his desire is straight... But all is not lost, as you see in the very sweet final scene.

    This is a sweet, charming glimpse at the rapture of love, done in a way that only the French can convey. Want to see a quick movie that will make your heart soar and laugh and feel young again? This is the ticket.
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    I kinda felt bad for Jérôme that he didn't get the hairdresser buck like they would've really have been a great couple but at least, he managed to get the eye of a gym teacher in the ending and the depressing sighs go away. I have to say, this short was really good and quite funny when Jerome was dying to get the hairdresser Brice to cut his hair but unfortunately someone was there first. Very good short, 8/10!