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Sakura sakazuki - jingi (1969) HD online

Sakura sakazuki - jingi (1969) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Crime
Original Title: Sakura sakazuki - jingi
Director: Seiichirô Uchikawa
Writers: Iwao Yamazaki
Released: 1969
Duration: 1h 23min
Video type: Movie
Directed by another old master of chanbara almost exclusively of the jidai-geki samurai variety. In 1969, these kinds of films were on the wane. Many good directors were finding themselves high-and-dry, even when it came to bread-and-butter assignments. Uchikawa found most of his later work in TV as his movie career faded.
Cast overview:
Hideki Takahashi Hideki Takahashi
Saburô Kitajima Saburô Kitajima
Hideo Murata Hideo Murata
Meiko Kaji Meiko Kaji
Takashi Kanda Takashi Kanda
Kinzô Shin Kinzô Shin
Sanae Kitabayashi Sanae Kitabayashi

SAKURA SAKAZUKI series. #2 of 2 films.