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Traffickers (2015) HD online

Traffickers (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Traffickers
Director: Sean F. Roberts Jr.
Writers: Sean F. Roberts Jr.,Sean F. Roberts Jr.
Released: 2015
Budget: $8,000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
TRAFFICKERS follows a close knit family of drug dealers operating in small suburb outside of Philadelphia. When a volatile rival threatens not only their business but their lives, they will stop at nothing to protect what's theirs...even if that means losing everything in the process.
Credited cast:
Jack Buckley Jack Buckley - Richie Carza
Michael Kokinda Michael Kokinda - Eric
Celeste Moratti Celeste Moratti - Detective Aimee Dobkins
Alex Odle Alex Odle - Damien
Christopher Pickhardt Christopher Pickhardt - Dog
Sean F. Roberts Jr. Sean F. Roberts Jr. - Taz
Connor Roberts Connor Roberts - Seth
Ryan Roberts Ryan Roberts - Ry
Connor Ryan Connor Ryan - Ben
Matteo Scammell Matteo Scammell - Dane
Ryzen Up Ryzen Up - Ry

Filmed on The BlackMagic Cinema Camera.

In Memory of Sarah E. Finello.

Official Selection of the 8th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

Was partially funded by Kickstarter.

Christopher Pickhardt played a major part in getting Celeste Moratti casted as Dobkins. After another actress dropped out due to schedule conflicts, Pickhardt recommended Moratti for the role. Upon hearing Moratti speak about the screenplay and the character, Roberts sensed that Moratti would be perfect for the role and casted her without an audition.

Official selection at the 25th Annual Courmayeur Noir in Festival in Courmayeur, Italy. The film held its European premier on December 9th, 2015.

The film was shot in 10 days.

The film was edited using Final Cut Pro.

Sean Roberts originally intended for another actor to portray Taz but was convinced when his brother, Connor Roberts suggested he play the part himself after doing rehearsals with him as the character.

The role of Dane was originally portrayed by another actor and was later replaced by Matteo Scammell when reshoots were needed and the original actor was no longer available due to scheduling conflicts.

Due to the miniscule budget, principal photography of the film took place over the course of one week.

The film was deliberately shot as naturally lit as possible to ensure the film felt more of documentary rather than a staged, cinematic film.

During the filming of Dane's beating, Sean Roberts accidently punched Matteo Scammell across the mouth. Despite the hit, the two actors stayed in character and finished the take. That take is the one shown in the film.

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