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Net News Genesis (2018) HD online

Net News Genesis (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: Genesis
Director: John T. Georgopoulos,G. Paul Salvetti
Writers: John T. Georgopoulos
Released: 2018
Duration: 40min
Video type: TV Episode
Bob decides to expand the on-air team, so he and Eddie interview candidates who will do sports and the weather. Francine defies Eddie to get her story on the air- by any means necessary. The new sportscaster and weather girl join the on-air team.
Episode credited cast:
Laval Alsbrooks Jr. Laval Alsbrooks Jr. - Chad Holmes
Lee'At Bruhl Lee'At Bruhl - Chloe Butler
Lee'At Bruhl Lee'At Bruhl - Chloe Butler
Angela Burno Angela Burno - Marisol Fernandez
Samantha Rivers Cole Samantha Rivers Cole - Kaylee Storm
John T. Georgopoulos John T. Georgopoulos - Bob Andros
Rolyne Joseph Rolyne Joseph - Jasmine Jones
Roylene Joseph Roylene Joseph - Jasmine Jones
Anastasia Koss Anastasia Koss - Stacey Glass
Ivan Mann Ivan Mann - Tom Stanton
Maraika Najimian Maraika Najimian - Katerina Orlov
Matty Poslusny Matty Poslusny - Clem Rogers
Krista Robelle Krista Robelle - Francine Harris
Andrew J. Rodney Andrew J. Rodney - Prof. Quigley
Marie Salthouse Marie Salthouse - Ferrie Portmanteau