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Memoirs of Bad Mommies IV (2015) HD online

Memoirs of Bad Mommies IV (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Adult
Original Title: Memoirs of Bad Mommies IV
Director: Jay West,Jodi West
Writers: Jay West,Jodi West
Released: 2015
Duration: 1h 12min
Video type: Creative Work
Cast overview:
Jodi West Jodi West - Multiple Roles
Kasey Storm Kasey Storm
Amber Lynn Bach Amber Lynn Bach
Sean Lawless Sean Lawless - Sean
T. Stone T. Stone - T (as T Stone)
Tony Rubino Tony Rubino

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    Hǻrley Quinn

    Jodi West not only makes money on these low-budget Florida junkers, but gets in some quality ego-tripping in this 4th edition of her sure-fire formula stuff.

    The best that can be said is that she's concise - knocking off four sex vignettes in a total running time of 72 minutes -shades of 1971. Jodi stars in the first segment, feeling effects of a 7 year itch in her marriage, but as she lolls around in her hot tub, a visit from stepson Sean Lawless brings her out of her lethargy into full Jodi West trash-talking mode. She fixates on Sean's big dick, and I found the auteur's low-down attitude amusing.

    She finishes the video by playing a different bored housewife in the final segment opposite an extremely untalented discovery of hers, T Stone (you won't be seeing his Pauly Shore routine in mainstream porn). This ends the video on a truly cornball note, as Ma West shows Stone how its done in preparation for him making out with his girlfriend.

    Screen hog Jodi even crashes busty Amber Lynn Bach's segment, an attempted comedy vignette murdered by terrible improvisation (Jodi doesn't believe in written scripts, only working from outlines). Bach's stepson Tony Rubino brings goofy Jodi home, announcing they'll be marrying soon and moving in to live with her. To avoid this fate worse than death, Bach humps the boy, incest in a good cause.

    And of course it is incest in a good cause that pays all the bills for Jodi and her partner in crime, hubby and co-director Jay West. Other vignette here introduces a truly well-built actress Kacey Storm, who suffers through sex with her stepson, crappy T Stone again. He is annoying beyond belief, and having him double up is West's final insult to her audience.