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Simpsonid Old Yeller-Belly (1989– ) HD online

Simpsonid Old Yeller-Belly (1989– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Comedy
Original Title: Old Yeller-Belly
Director: Bob Anderson
Writers: Matt Groening,James L. Brooks
Released: 1989–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
After Santa's Little Helper fails to save Homer in a fire,he plans to get rid of the dog but after a journalist sees Santa's Little Helper play with a beer can he becomes the new mascot of Duff Beer - and,given his new fame,his original owner claims him back. A publicity stunt is arranged at the beach whereby Santa's Little Helper will save Homer from a shark but again he fails so the shark is made the new Duff mascot instead. The owner now wants rid of the dog so the Simpsons take him back.
Episode cast overview:
Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta - Homer Simpson / Isaac / Sideshow Mel / Mayor Quimby / Krusty the Klown / Regis Philbin / Gil / Hobo / Navy Paratrooper #2 (voice)
Julie Kavner Julie Kavner - Marge Simpson (voice)
Nancy Cartwright Nancy Cartwright - Bart Simpson / Nelson Muntz / Database (voice)
Yeardley Smith Yeardley Smith - Lisa Simpson (voice)
Hank Azaria Hank Azaria - Comic Book Guy / Clerk / First Amish Man / Mennonite / Moe Szyslak / Luigi / Adolf Hitler / Mailman / Duffman / Astronaut #2 / Santa's Little Helper's Original Owner / Men's Mission Manager (voice)
Harry Shearer Harry Shearer - Dr. Hibbert / Kent Brockman / Dave Shutton / Duff Commercial Announcer / Navy Paratrooper #1 / Principal Skinner / Otto (voice)
Stacy Keach Stacy Keach - Howard K. Duff VII (voice)
Pamela Hayden Pamela Hayden - Milhouse Van Houten (voice)
John Kassir John Kassir - Various Animals (voice)
Tress MacNeille Tress MacNeille - Agnes Skinner (voice)
Russi Taylor Russi Taylor - Martin Prince (voice)
Karl Wiedergott Karl Wiedergott - Astronaut #1 (voice)

"Suds McDuff" is based on Spuds McKenzie.

Barst's chalkboard message is "A pen is not a booger launcher.".

The title is a reference to the film "Old Yeller".

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    Old Yeller-Belly is a great Simpsons episode with a very well written storyline and a ton of very funny scenes.I really enjoyed seeing Santa's Little Helper become Duffs new mascot,there are very few episodes that center around the Simpsons dog,but when there is they're always very good,we also see and learn a lot more from Duffman in this episode than we ever have previously,there are so many characters in the Simpsons which makes it hard to have episodes that focus on the less popular ones,but I like when they get more obscure characters to play important roles in an episode and hope they do it more often in the future.Old Yeller-Belly is a very enjoyable Simpsons episode.

    Homer regrets disowning Santa's Little Helper after he becomes Duff beers new mascot and all his earnings go to his original owner.