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The Partridge Family Old Scrapmouth (1970–1974) HD online

The Partridge Family Old Scrapmouth (1970–1974) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Family / Music
Original Title: Old Scrapmouth
Director: Herbert Kenwith
Writers: James S. Henerson,Bernard Slade
Released: 1970–1974
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Laurie gets the bad news that she needs braces just as she thinks Jerry, the boy across the street, might finally get up the nerve to ask her to go steady. However, if that wasn't bad enough, Reuben informs the Partridges that they have been booked to appear on a high profile talk show. Things then go from bad to worse when Laurie's braces somehow pick up radio signals during rehearsals and causes her to play a different tune than what the band is. Who knew braces could be so complicated?
Episode cast overview:
Shirley Jones Shirley Jones - Shirley Partridge
David Cassidy David Cassidy - Keith Partridge
Susan Dey Susan Dey - Laurie Partridge
Danny Bonaduce Danny Bonaduce - Danny Partridge
Jeremy Gelbwaks Jeremy Gelbwaks - Christopher 'Chris' Partridge
Suzanne Crough Suzanne Crough - Tracy Partridge
Dave Madden Dave Madden - Reuben Kincaid
Alan Oppenheimer Alan Oppenheimer - Wink Burgess
Jonathan Daly Jonathan Daly - Tommy Phillips
Mark Hamill Mark Hamill - Jerry
William Wintersole William Wintersole - Dr. Kessler

Mark Hamill shows up as Laurie's new boyfriend!

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    I like this one mainly because I remember it's initial airing, plus I was the exact age at the time that our family dentist could have easily decided to put my teeth in those dreaded metal cages. Years before invisalign, braces were never an attractive addition to ones face. So Laurie (Susan Dey) refuses to smile or do anything but talk through her hand. Meanwhile she WAS thinking that the boy across the street might ask her out, but if he sees this cowcatcher on her kisser she figures he'll run for the hills. To complicate matters her braces pick up radio waves and cause her to sing and play off key, jeopardizing her family's act.

    Mom gives Laurie a heart to heart talk which includes telling her that it is unnatural for women not to talk! I had forgotten that sexist line, mainly because it was probably not considered sexist in 1971. Plus I had also forgotten that Laurie's heartthrob was played by none other than Mark Hamill of Luke Skywalker fame! He didn't make a great impression in the few lines he had, so of course I forgot all about him even being in this episode.

    I'll let you watch and see how this turns out, but even if Laurie doesn't get the guy she'll probably be grateful. Something tells me she would have not liked his father!
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    "Old Scrapmouth" finds Laurie having to wear braces for a period of two years, just as her boyfriend Jerry (Mark Hamill) works up the nerve to ask her to go steady. A more immediate problem arises when talk show host Wink Burgess (Alan Oppenheimer) decides to host his next show in the Partridge family living room. Laurie gamely tries to rehearse at the piano, but her braces cause havoc, intercepting radio waves that carry The Rolling Stones! (Mick Jagger later gets a mention in "Me and My Shadow"). Alan Oppenheimer (two further episodes) is an egomaniacal delight, and 19 year old Mark Hamill was making only his third TV appearance. The featured song is "The Love Song," composed by Steve Dossick, still unreleased, in a full arrangement not heard in "Go Directly to Jail." Obviously recorded in the very brief pre-David Cassidy era, with the harmonies of Shirley Jones particularly prominent.