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The Dancer from the Dance (2013) HD online

The Dancer from the Dance (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: The Dancer from the Dance
Director: Karen Pearlman
Released: 2013
Duration: 28min
Video type: Movie
The Dancer from the Dance is an innovative documentary that tells a story of lives entwined and lived in dance. Part memoir, part investigation, it asks: is being a dancer an identity? A culture? A waste of time? Director Karen Pearlman interviews dozens of contemporary Australian dancers and choreographers to find out what they mean when they say I am a dancer and who they would be if they stopped dancing - bringing out the poignant, sometimes funny and always moving stories of people who live a life in dance. She also turns the camera on herself, ten years after quitting dancing, to find out what is left - what is left in her and what has left her? The cumulative stories reveal the art of movement as a force, passing through us, for a time, and then transforming into the next dancer, the next dance. The Dancer from the Dance tells the story of dance as an ephemeral, body to body art form. Its words and movement allow the accrued wisdom of all of its participants to be captured, ...
Credited cast:
Jadzea Allen Jadzea Allen - Herself (as Jaz Allen)
Richard James Allen Richard James Allen - Dance artist
Samuel Lucas Allen Samuel Lucas Allen - Dance artist
Kay Armstrong Kay Armstrong - Dance artist
Kate Champion Kate Champion - Dance artist
Paul Cordeiro Paul Cordeiro - Dance artist
Imogen Cranna Imogen Cranna - Dance artist
Martin Del Amo Martin Del Amo - Dance artist
Eva Fernandez Adan Eva Fernandez Adan - Dance artist
Tammi Leigh Gissell Tammi Leigh Gissell - Dance artist
Nikki Heywood Nikki Heywood - Dance artist
Naomi Hibberd Naomi Hibberd - Dance artist
Karen Kerkhoven Karen Kerkhoven - Dance artist
Garry Lester Garry Lester - Dance artist
Julie-Anne Long Julie-Anne Long - Dance artist