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You Can't Eat Fishing (1999) HD online

You Can't Eat Fishing (1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: You Canu0027t Eat Fishing
Director: Kathrine Windfeld
Writers: Ola Saltin
Released: 1999
Duration: 34min
Video type: Movie
What happens when a female Polish capitalist meets two lazy Danish welfare state boys? On a job-activation trip to Poland Jens meets Renata. One day she turns up at his doorstep in Copenhagen, carrying a huge suitcase. She moves in, and they start up a relationship. But Renata soon finds out that Jens doesn't do much apart from fishing, drinking beer and dreaming of his big breakthrough - a nice and easy life financed by the state. But Renata has other plans.
Credited cast:
Gerard Bidstrup Gerard Bidstrup - Jens
Agnieszka Hegner Agnieszka Hegner
Rune Elers Kristensen Rune Elers Kristensen
Agnieszka Liggett Agnieszka Liggett - Renata
Lars Lippert Lars Lippert
Peter Hesse Overgaard Peter Hesse Overgaard
Mads Wille Mads Wille - Tim