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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Documentary / History / Mystery
Original Title: Monsterquest
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Series
The series explores strange and unknown creatures that have been allegedly spotted by witnesses in various parts of the country and the world.
Series cast summary:
Stan Bernard Stan Bernard - Himself - Narrator / - 66 episodes, 2007-2010

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    I think this is one of the shows that comes out of the normal circle. It's always interesting to see new subjects , new researches and come'on who isn't curious about this Myth's , Monsters, and that kind of stories that we heard all the time ? this is the kind of show that give us some clues of what we might think that is a myth and it isn't and what's really a fiction, something just made up.

    The only thing I criticize is the duration (40 min) in some of the subjects, I think they could go deeply on the subject. But still, it is a good series , to see now and then.

    and by the way "robnels2000" with all the respect, first, see the series before you open your mouth, and second, learn how to write English well before you criticize something, it destroys all the argumments

    Stay well folks
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    This is a very good show for people interested in Cryptozology. Of course most of the show is very questionable, but if you are interested in such topics, it is the best and most well-documented TV series made so far. I find it very entertaining, and it is also worth seeing for both skeptics and believers. I consider myself a skeptic, most of the content in this show is pure fiction, but anyway, I feel the topic fascinating.

    And those who have objections to this shows contains, simply don't see the show and let people take interest in what they want.

    I hope there will be more seasons of this series!
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    I notice that when I selected "one" vote out of ten for this show, the good people at IMDb included the word "awful" in brackets beside the number one. My guess is they must have seen this show too.

    Cheap shots aside, this show is best described in it's own words as as a search for monsters by using science. Except that this show is to science what porn is to family values. Let me explain.

    First things first let's look at how science searches for monsters on this show. It's pretty special to say the least. My favorite part is the casting. Basically there are three main character types, and each is worth a snapshot description. First there are the "witnesses": no casting agency could have come close to producing a more yokel worthy lot. Even the ones that clearly aren't inbred, still manage to somehow convince you that they see strange shapes in their toast.

    Next come the scientists: with very few exceptions the majority are on the show payroll and therefore turn up again and again. I will say this much, if this is the best science has to offer, i'm going back to steering clear of the edge of this very flat earth we're on. These rejects range from being soft touches to being even softer touches. I can't do justice to how embarrassing these noneties really are. Once in every while a genuine, bona fide, and objective analyst somehow manages to get a word in. And I'm not exaggerating when I say a word. Their air time is short and edited to ensure that it either sounds unfinished or uncertain - or is a lead in to someone certifiable.

    And last of all, holding the whole thing together are the cryptozoologists. Well the best I can say here is combine the characteristics of the two types mentioned above and you get the picture. Like most crypto/pseudo/conspiratorially minded "independant" researchers - this lot all come with a self fulfilling mission in life. They also always like to be interviewed with stuffed creatures behind them.

    As for how the show's put together, it's pure genius. In terms of how to blow smoke without lighting a cigarette anyway. The basic drill is lots of dramatic music, lots of cliff-hanger sequences, dead end searches and a narrator who will stop at nothing to try and make something out of nothing. The end result is nearly forty episodes made up of people mumbling about what they're "sure they saw". And the thousand worst photos ever taken of anything in history. And finally, not a single conclusive finding.

    Please watch this show. It's proof that monsters not only don't exist, but that if they did - they'd immediately go into hiding when this welcome party turned up.
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    I've watched just about every episode of this show, missing only two I believe, and I must say that, unlike the reviews I've read before, I give this show a high rating - not because of some inner belief in Bigfoot or crazed notion of reptile/human hybrids, but because of what the show offers - entertainment and the hope for an unknown world.

    As a student of philosophy and mathematics, I can say one thing - On the occasion that I don't 'know-it-all' I'm quick to find it out, one way or the other. It's a safe assumption to make that if there's a new technology out there or a more efficient method of this or that, I'll be there to take it apart and figure it all out. . . but it is nice to think, if even for a fleeting moment, that there are some things that I cannot know by logic or formula. It's nice to believe that, though there's no empirical evidence for something, it may still exist.

    This is what this show offers me, and perhaps to others. I spend a good portion of my day logically analyzing actions or speech, and I find relaxation difficult to attain, as soap operas or sitcoms become overdone or wacky... but here is a show that retains some measure of a scientific method, but seeks to find that which cannot be found. And while others may judge and make fun, I think that a show like MonsterQuest is a far better way to unwind and relax then watching something dug up from the primordial soup like 'Desperate Housewives' or 'MadTV.' In summation, it's nice to escape to an almost Lovecraftian level and entertain the idea that perhaps our inquiries are not perfect - perhaps we can't know everything - and perhaps, just maybe, there are some things that exist outside the realms of the Known world.
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    I watched every one of this show with expectation that they will find something. Every show ends with the same result. They couldn't capture any real evidence of any monster. All they find at the end of the show is some stupid clues that can't provide any real conclusions. This show is just a mockery of viewers and science.

    In every show they get tens of people talking about the monsters. I think even those people are paid by the show producers. The funny thing is that, everyone except the monster quest crew seem to come across the monster. And for some reason, the crew never gets any real photos/videos of the monster.

    In one of the show, crew sets up cameras to film the monster. In each location, they put up a pole and scent of a coyote to attract the monster. The next day morning they show that one of the pole was scratched. The conclude that it must be a giant monster since none of the claws match the size of the scratch. Now, I was expecting that the video they setup will reveal the monster. And they start showing videos of every pole and except the one pole where monster scratched. The video camera didn't capture the one and only useful pole.. The reason? Some random technical failure. Bull Crap !. This show is complete joke !

    And the funny thing is that, in every show they find some parts of the monster and do a DNA test. The result of DNA test is that, it doesn't match with anything living. So, they conclude that it is some variation of the living species. They have never filmed any real monster. And complete mockery of the science and viewers watching it.
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    I like this show. It is fun. We don't really know what is out there, but it is fun to see people look. I also like that you learn about what other cultures see and believe from all over the world. Although, they only found one thing in all their shows, it was a giant squid. The one thing that bugs me is that they went back to locate the squid again a different time of year at a different location and didn't find anything. They need to make more discoveries, to keep interest in the show. Instead of people being afraid of whatever they are looking for, go out and get it. When you think you have Bigfoot outside your line of sight, you get out there and find Bigfoot. Another thing that would be nice is a reoccurring host, someone who would go out every week and try to find that animals.
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    Though some are redundant to a certain extent, I watched all 13 episodes. Naturally, a few hold more interest than others. For example, "Giant Squid Found?" was absolutely fascinating. Attaching a camera to a 6 ft. squid, and seeing what the squid saw at 1000 ft. beneath the surface was amazing. There is a certain amount of interest generated, even though nothing was found. To some, the hunt is the most satisfying part of any adventure, with a plausible explanation only leading to a letdown. About half the episodes I would rate above average, and that provides 6 hours of entertaining quests, well worth the purchase price of less than $20.00. - MERK
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    Depending on your point of view This could be the proof that the average intelligence level of the viewing public has dropped to moron level.

    To be far their are two types of people that watch this kind of show those that want some thing to laugh at and those that total believe. The later are the most frightening.

    They keep telling us about the giant fish that attacked a man in a lake, But they never are able to show you one They take about the Loc Ness Monster and how they are doing the definitive search, But they never find any thing They never find anything but then they come up with a convent excuse as to why and how it shows they were right.

    This show is just one of the many shows that give TV a bad name.
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    Hilarious Eye-witness accounts. Witty dialogue. Revolutionary animation. MonsterQuest is, in my opinion a highly under-appreciated and special series. Each and every episode has a new "monster" to showcase; from Big Foot himself, to unexplained flying rods in the sky. Yes, that's right, I said rods in the sky. Moving lines. If that doesn't get you completely hooked there's even an episode on Giant Killer Fish. Stan Bernard narrates the series and I honestly can't think of a better man for the role. He allures and intrigues the audience with his unique voice and adds so much to each episode. Even with some of the less interesting episodes focusing on lizard men in levitating trash cans - the guy manages to have you hooked just by talking. What a credit to the world of documentaries and voice overs Stan is. Utterly Marvellous. Every episode has the same level of suspense and honestly, it's hard to pick a favourite episode. But if you put a gun to my head, I'd probably pick the classic episode featuring the legendary Mokele-mbembe, "The Last Dinosaur". This episode really has it all. From crazy locals, a retired archaeologist and of course Mbembe herself who despite everything the locals claim in the episode, she is never actually proven to be 'se too long' nor does any of the MonerQuest team actually discover how long is 'se too long' - I guess we will never find out... Unless the team put together a sequel to this absolutely ground breaking episode.

    Overall, this show has everything. 10/10. Check it out
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    Some of the shows can be explained like the Chupacabra, I have shot manged out coyotes that look just like that.. I live in the woods, and have seen 2 unexplainable things.. Not crazy or far out "not bigfoot" just unexplainable... Anyway, I Love the show, and big foot!!! Hook me up at that Snow Grove Lake cabin for a whole year!!! I don't need much of anything, a good camcorder, and a very few odds and end things... I can live off the land year around... I'll find it, and get SOME kinda proof for ya... If it, or anything else is around... Heck i'll even do any of the work ya want done to the cabin, inside or out for FREE... DREAM place for me to live for a lifetime, but a year would do I guess, no joke send me now :)
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    This series, which aired on the History Channel, presents expeditions who try and prove the existence of various legendary monsters like Bigfoot, Nessie, Champ, or just werewolves, giant sharks, octopus, etc.

    Computer graphics aid the descriptions of the monsters, using 3-D imagery and some speculation, along with some suspense as the hunters keep coming close to proving the existence of these creatures, but the biggest problem with the series is that they never quite do! Of course, if they did, it would be front page headlines I suppose...

    Series is on DVD, though was canceled rather quickly for some reason. It is interesting, if lacking in style.
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    I couldn't believe when I saw a rating of 7.0. Some brainless moron actually gave the show an 8. Get a life, nerd!

    You'd have to be pretty desperate to find it even remotely entertaining. Trying to find evidence for the existence of monsters with the help of eye witnesses, and pseudo scientists. Just think about it - crap like this on the History Channel. I guess that's what you get when trying to find clues for Bigfoot, Werewolves, Vampires and such. But I'm still waiting for proof of existence of the most elusive creatures like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and maybe the Tooth Fairy.

    Watch the X-Files instead!