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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Original Title: Hotel Erotica
Budget: $50,000
Duration: 29min
Video type: TV Series
Series cast summary:
Tina Wiseman Tina Wiseman - Jenny / - 14 episodes, 2002-2003
Lauren Hays Lauren Hays - Chloe 13 episodes, 2002

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    Hotel Erotica (2002-2004): Lauren Hays, Beverly Lynne, Tina Wiseman, Monique Parent, Brad Bartram, Rafe Urquhart, Danny Pape, Glen Meadows, Ander Page, Juliet Beres, Mara Kelle, Lee Dahlberg, Lauren P. Lutker, Emily Webster, Janie Rau, Hope Marie Carlton, Drake Dorado, Christian Dion, Kelsey, Jewel Valmont, Danielle Petty, Jon Westlake, Evan Kennsington..... Director Gary Dean Orona, P.G. Sanford, Lane Shefter, Series Writers/Teleplay...A.G. Lawrence, Karen O'Hara, Dwight Brown, Michael Orona.

    Popularily known as "Skinemax", this is an erotic series of a soft-core porn quality that air on late night cable TV's Cinemax after midnight. These films and series are far superior in style to the hardcore porn films your adult video store has. The sex may be simulated and there are no shots of genitals (maybe a few brief shots) but the writing is good, the stories are engaging and there is plot and character, which far outshines any mindless hardcore film. Cinemax and Showtime have long aired soft-core porn in the late night hours. "Hotel Erotica" was a hit series which ran for about two to three seasons. A horde of adult film stars who do both "hardcore" and "softcore" were part of the cast, either as regulars or guest stars. Many of these attractive young actors and actresses who are not above appearing in the nude are also regulars on Cinemax adult films and other series. They include Lauren Hays, Monique Parent, Beverly Lynne, Jewel Valmont, Janie Rau, Mara Kelle and Chloe among others. On the men's side, there's Brad Bartram, Frank Mercuri, Danny Pape, Matt Dalpiaz, Glen Meadows and Rafe Urquhart. Although "sexual swinging" " is welcomed, many of the guests who come to the hotel are decidedly single and looking for their perfect match, bringing with them their problems and inhibitions, all of which are resolved by the end of the series. Not all are looking for love as many episodes focused on "checking in", then having a sexual encounter and then "checking out". Nonetheless, this is nothing plot less and poorly done in the least. Too many well-written and provocative episodes to count. "Extreme Sports" dealt with a soon-to-be-married couple trying to spice up their last bit of bachelorhood through sexual encounters, "Model Behavior" was about hot supermodels escaping to relax in the sexy resort, "The Fast And The Curious" was about a popular and hunky NASCAR drag racer who has the girls all over him in the hotel and one woman's dream come true when she has the opportunity to bed him. "Chat Room" was all about hooking up online for romance and sex. "She's The Boss" dealt with one man's one-up manship over his bitchy boss, "Heart's Desire" saw a sexy jazz singer find inspiration at the hotel and "Love Potion No. 10" saw two geeky scientists find love and experiment with aphrodisiacs served to the hotel guests. Filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada and parts of California, the atmosphere of this series is exotic, tropical and very sexualized. The women's bodies are terrific as are the men's. A fine way to drift off to sleep with your significant other is through watching these very hot episodes. Great music by Samuel Grey, Robert W. Baldwin, Jeff Bristol and Samuel Ashburn. If you enjoy soft-core erotica with characters and plots, this one is for you, sure to delight male and female viewers. "Hotel Erotica" re-runs are still airing on Cinemax after midnight Eastern time.
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    This review is for the UK DVD three-disc box set. Disc one is called Caught in the Act and contains Model Behavior, Chasing Jamie and Fast and Curious. Disc two is called Bedroom Fantasies and contains Blue Plate Special, Falling in Lust Again and Love Potion No. 10. The final disc is called Anything Goes and contains Chatroom, She's the Boss and Legally Yours. Why the other four episodes in the series are not included is a mystery because there is surely enough room on the discs for a lot more material.

    Each episode opens with the hotel manager Chloe (Lauren Hayes) reading a letter from a satisfied customer. We then get to see the story unfolding as the guests check into the hotel. Blue Plate Special is the exception because this story is from a waitress. The writers should be given credit for coming up with a good variety of story lines. For instance, Model Behavior is about two models vying for the attention of the photo crew; Falling in Lust Again is about a man and woman who parted and rekindle their love when they meet up again at the hotel; She's the Boss is about a put-upon male secretary/dogsbody who shows that he is more of a man than his female boss realised - much to her pleasure. All the episodes lead up to lots of nudity and sex.

    It should come as no surprise that all the characters in this hotel are beautiful women and handsome hunks. Even the geeky secretaries get transformed when they remove their spectacles and let their hair down. The sex action is plentiful but to me seems too frantic and false. The camera work could also have done with a bit of moderation, spending too much time close up and so moving about to capture everything, and as usual we get loud music during the sex action. Finally, the end credits mention the Palm Canopy Hotel, Singer Island, Florida although my map of Florida shows no Singer Island. The scenery certainly looks more like Florida than Utah or Las Vegas that some people have mentioned. This is quite a good effort and it is a pity that the second series is still awaiting a UK DVD release. 4 stars.
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    I agree with Mark. You can see the outline of the guy's erect penis (sans condom) as he grinds against Candice, and at the angle he's thrusting his pelvis into her, there's definitely sliding penetration of some kind going on. Candice isn't that good an actor to be faking the ecstasy she seems to be feeling, or her (and possibly his) climax at the end. She denied it, but it's pretty obvious they were fully going for it. Early in the same scene there's a point where the other woman is directly rubbing her hand across Candice's vagina, and she certainly hasn't hesitated with her other forays into bondage, having her toes sucked, and having another women lick and suck on her nipples.