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The Blind Miner (1912) HD online

The Blind Miner (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: The Blind Miner
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
"Old Tom," the blind miner, lives with his daughter Mary, who is courted by Martin West, an industrious miner. On his way to work Martin stops to see Mary, and steals from her a kiss, which is overheard by Old Tom's keen ear. Martin, with the rest of the miners, descends the shaft and they are seen picking into the great black sides of their chamber, when the dull, sickening sound of an explosion is heard. Quick as a flash Martin and his associates beat a hasty retreat, trying to escape from the fatal gases which are fast filling the mine. Reaching a corner in the mine, they fasten a brattice cloth to one of the timbers, diverting the foul fumes. When the townspeople hear of the explosion they know too well what it means. Every means known to rescue the imprisoned miners is employed. Mary carries the news to her father. Old Tom, and he bids her lead him to the mouth of the shaft, where he implores the foreman to allow him to descend, saying: "The blind can hear what the eye cannot see...
Cast overview:
Hal Wilson Hal Wilson - Old Tom - the Blind Miner
Rose Tapley Rose Tapley - Mary - Old Tom's Daughter
Robert Gaillard Robert Gaillard - Martin West - Mary's Sweetheart
Harry T. Morey Harry T. Morey

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    A very interesting picture which, however, is not highly dramatic. Its chief value is in that it pictures what takes place in a mine immediately after an explosion. There is a slight love interest. The blind miner, now incapacitated for labor, leads the rescuers. They have oxygen helmets, but he refuses to put one on. He wants to be able to hear clearly so that he can lead to the gallery where his son-in-law is trapped. The imprisoned miners are rescued and resuscitated. The pictures of the coal mine were taken underground. It is instructive as well as interesting, and because of that we place it among the features. - The Moving Picture World, February 3, 1912