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Ganovenehre (1966) HD online

Ganovenehre (1966) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Comedy
Original Title: Ganovenehre
Director: Wolfgang Staudte
Writers: Charles Rudolph,Curth Flatow
Released: 1966
Duration: 1h 34min
Video type: Movie
Complete credited cast:
Gert Fröbe Gert Fröbe - Paul
Mario Adorf Mario Adorf - Georg aka Orje
Curt Bois Curt Bois - Emil
Karin Baal Karin Baal - Nelly
Helen Vita Helen Vita - Olga
Gretl Schörg Gretl Schörg - Red Erna
Ilse Pagé Ilse Pagé - Edith
Robert Rober Robert Rober - Max
Gert Haucke Gert Haucke - Arthur
Jürgen Feindt Jürgen Feindt - Backe-backe Kuchen
Martin Hirthe Martin Hirthe - Karl
Henning Schlüter Henning Schlüter
Otto Matthies Otto Matthies

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    No more or less than quality entertainment by Wolfgang Staudte, who from the 60's onwards was confined to films like this one: with skill directed amusement that only shows the hand of the master occasionally. This film opens with a scene that reminds of one of his best film: Der Untertan, but it is out of place in this light comedy; was Staudte perhaps being nostalgic?

    In this film Staudte is helped especially by delightful Helen Vita, Mario Adorf and Gert Frõbe, who hams it up with a big will. As if Staudte wanted to stress the point that it is all artificial, all outdoor scenes have very obvious, one-dimensional painted sets as background. The film is sometimes innocently piquant, and it has a meaningless but nice story.