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Hayatimin kadinisin (2006) HD online

Hayatimin kadinisin (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Romance
Original Title: Hayatimin kadinisin
Director: Ugur Yücel
Writers: Ugur Yücel
Released: 2006
Video type: Movie
A deserted drifter settles down on the realization of his platonic calf love for a washed up singer.
Cast overview:
Türkan Soray Türkan Soray - Asuman Karaca
Ugur Yücel Ugur Yücel - Tophaneli Tayfur
Yildirim Memisoglu Yildirim Memisoglu - Nejdet
Ezgi Mola Ezgi Mola - Ahu
Kadir Kandemir Kadir Kandemir - Barkun
Settar Tanriögen Settar Tanriögen - Sadi
Selim Erdogan Selim Erdogan - Caner
Kadim Yasar Kadim Yasar - Sabit
Binnur Kaya Binnur Kaya - Firdevs
Savas Akova Savas Akova - Avukat
Sinasi Yurtsever Sinasi Yurtsever - Kahvedeki Adam

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    Turkan Soray(46 years on silver screen) and Ugur Yucel(21 years on silver screen) are starring at this conservative work of cinema. Yucel performs an admirer of a veteran stage singer. Back in his puppy hood, he used to go to her stage concerts when she was popular. On a lonely day at his sea front restaurant, he sees her for the first time since times immemorial. Carried away by her beauty, he pursues her closely for a couple months gathering her information. He finds out that she has retired from the boards, separated from her husband and has remarried. At the apartment where she and her second husband lives, he detects a vacancy for a rental unit. Then he moves in.

    Despite the sensitive and gripping opening, as the story progresses it starts to get predictable and boring. Especially, after the very first conversation that Yucel did with Soray; the essence of the film seems to be vanished. Yucel's platonic love turns out to become real. This emotional alternation shouldn't have been that much simple. A fan of a famous star has dreamed of her 20 years, and after this period of time he reaches her star, then what? No expression, no fever? I can't admit it.

    Yucel's performance was deficient. He was not even as half good as his talented roles in "Arabesk(1989)" and "Eskiya(1996)". On the other hand Soray made a pretty good achievement for her tough role.

    In the second part of the movie, the auteur Yucel takes charge. He saves both Soray's and her daughter's lives. The plot couldn't have been worked up well enough, thus the story became void of interest. This is only worth watching if you like Ugur Yucel and Turkan Soray like I do. "Hayatimin Kadinisin" leans its back against its stars.