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La jeune folle (1952) HD online

La jeune folle (1952) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: La jeune folle
Director: Yves Allégret
Writers: Catherine Beauchamp,Jacques Sigurd
Released: 1952
Duration: 1h 24min
Video type: Movie
1922:Irish Revolution.Catherine, a servant in a convent goes to Dublin to meet up with her young brother supposedly in jeopardy.She makes Steve 's acquaintance ,this man is actually her brother's murderer,but she does know it.She swears she'll avenge her sibling;a revolutionary leader persuades her to kill the head of the police.Steve tells her the truth.
Credited cast:
Danièle Delorme Danièle Delorme - Catherine
Henri Vidal Henri Vidal - Steve
Nicolas Vogel Nicolas Vogel - Tom (as Nic Vogel)
Maurice Ronet Maurice Ronet - Jim
Jean Debucourt Jean Debucourt - A Mysterious Man
Michèle Cordoue Michèle Cordoue - Mary
Jacqueline Porel Jacqueline Porel - Mother Superior
Marcel Journet Marcel Journet - Police Chief Donovan
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Madeleine Barbulée Madeleine Barbulée - La voyageuse
Joëlle Bernard Joëlle Bernard - La femme ivre
Georges Chamarat Georges Chamarat - Le chef de gare
Marcel Charvey Marcel Charvey - Policeman
Lolita De Silva Lolita De Silva - Soeur Ruth
Jacques Dynam Jacques Dynam - Le consommateur
Paule Emanuele Paule Emanuele

Reviews: [2]

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    THe FRench title means "the young crazy girl" but it's not the girl but the director who's gone crazy.Yves Allégret ,who had already made several excellent works (Une Si Jolie Petite Plage,Manèges,Nez de Cuir) ,gets lost in an Irish story.A chocolate box Ireland and French actors who,although excellent(Danielle Delorme,Jean Debucourt,Maurice Ronet),simply cannot play credible Irish characters.

    Catherine falls in love with a man who has killed her brother!Then she kills him and goes nuts .The script is weak and it's the most disappointing of Allégret's movies.

    Fortunately ,Allegret turned around from that disaster and his next movie "les orgueilleux" was among his best.
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    Just read the opinion of our most prolific and usually excellent reviewer of french films and for once I felt in absolute disagreement and actually quite surprised at his harsh judgment on this rare and curious film of Yves Allégret.

    To my knowledge it has not been restored for DVD and the only available source is an old René Château VHS itself made from a very poor copy. It certainly does not help to appreciate the great quality of cinematography of 'La Jeune Folle', an Allégret's trademark.

    OK the story is rather weird and Irish people speak french, but so what ? Who can seriously think the film was intended as a documentary on the Irish insurrection ? Certainly not the director, nor the unbiased critics of his effort.

    First and overall 'La Jeune Folle' is a superior demonstration of acting by Danièle Delorme. Should be sufficient to rate it as a classic. Supporting actors are good to excellent as Gabrielle Fontan playing an old nun far more nuts than the 'Jeune Folle' (mad young woman) who is an orphan exploited as a servant in a convent.

    The film will also stay in memory for its extremely strong last sequences when a IRA member (Vidal) is tracked down by kids for the reward offered by the Brits. That treason can come from supposedly innocent Irish kids is already transgressive, it is made further scary by kids dressed up for Halloween wearing masks.

    Definitely in wait for restoration.