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Popular Are You There God? It's Me Ann-Margret (1999–2001) HD online

Popular Are You There God? It's Me Ann-Margret (1999–2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Are You There God? Itu0027s Me Ann-Margret
Director: Aaron Schneider
Writers: Ryan Murphy,Gina Matthews
Released: 1999–2001
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
"Are You There God? It's Me, Ann-Margret" Harrison encounters God in a hospital storage room who knows personal things about him. Carmen attends a meeting for teens with alcoholic parents with an unexpected member. The school puts on the play Equus, with Josh and Lily as the leads.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Leslie Bibb Leslie Bibb - Brooke McQueen
Carly Pope Carly Pope - Sam McPherson
Tamara Mello Tamara Mello - Lily Esposito
Christopher Gorham Christopher Gorham - Harrison John
Sara Rue Sara Rue - Carmen Ferrara
Bryce Johnson Bryce Johnson - Josh Ford
Tammy Lynn Michaels Tammy Lynn Michaels - Nicole Julian
Ron Lester Ron Lester - Michael 'Sugar Daddy' Bernardino
Leslie Grossman Leslie Grossman - Mary Cherry (credit only)
Lisa Darr Lisa Darr - Jane McPherson (credit only)
Scott Bryce Scott Bryce - Mike McQueen (credit only)
Diane Delano Diane Delano - Bobbi Glass (credit only)
Mike Damus Mike Damus - Clarence
Susan Ruttan Susan Ruttan - Joy Ferrara
Arnetia Walker Arnetia Walker - Ms. Ross

The title is a reference to Judy Blume's 1970 novel, "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret."

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    This episode deals with body dismorphic disorder, that is what is wrong with Little Lily. I must say, those thoughts going through the boy's head, they're just normal, average guy issues, but okay...

    Miserably commented to myself during the cancer & leukemia patient sequences, "haven't had this much fun since watching HAWKS decades and decades ago at a drive-in."

    Lots of the regular cast doesn't appear, so with no Bio Glass and Mary Cherry to aggravate me, I will not go in such seething tirades about lost opportunities, though the hand of Ryan Murphy in the story-line can clearly be seen. The whole Equus thing with Josh thinking he has to bare all on stage... And all those Novac scenes, this is a TV show taking place in the ladies'...? Toilets, toilets, toilets. Toilets every week.

    There is a line by Little Lily in which she asks Josh if he wouldn't want to swop his pigskin for some horse flesh. It struck me that Lily, who is a conscientious objector to the use of any animal product, wouldn't speak so blithely about subjects dear to her heart, not even in this figurative sense.

    Nicole Julian has got to be the poster child for Reptilian Stay-Away- From-Me. By contrast, even with a wan, neglected look, Brooke is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    Aw, but get this damned Death Valley mess over with, please. Please. I did not sign up for sick bay, I signed up for high school frolics.