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Harts Ridge (2008) HD online

Harts Ridge (2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action
Original Title: Harts Ridge
Director: Mike Tyler
Writers: Mike Tyler
Released: 2008
Video type: Movie
Two FBI Agents suspect a civilian defense contractor of espionage. A suspected employee, who unwittingly involves his wife, is caught up in an unpredictable series of events and pitfalls. One employee is Blackmailed, there are black-market buyers, and covert agents who follow the money trail and pursue the suspected traitors. The film ultimately revolves around five leading characters. It is left to the viewer to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. The film contains graphic violence, profanity and implied sexual situations. Blood is shed, lives are ruined, but it doesn't stop there. Harts Ridge explores good, greed and evil, the price a man will pay to escape his own demise. This suspense thriller has elements of murder mystery, film noir and love story. It also contains graphic violence and profanity. Among Tyler's influences are the Cohen brothers, Tim Burton, Altman, Kubrick and Hitchcock.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Gene D'Alessandro Gene D'Alessandro - Rick Hart
Lynn Mastio Rice Lynn Mastio Rice - Sage Hart
Kumar Dari Kumar Dari - Anthony Marshall
James Bagnell James Bagnell - Jack Walsh
Barry Adams Barry Adams - Dillan Maxx
Stacey Ann Shevlin Stacey Ann Shevlin - Donna
Bruno Martino Bruno Martino - The Big Man
Windy Marshall Windy Marshall - Sara
Francis Pultro Francis Pultro - Vinnie
Damien Colletti Damien Colletti - Chuck
Ted Miller Ted Miller - Jimmy
Mark Krajczar Mark Krajczar - Alex Mcklosky (as Mark Kratzer)
Chuck Pressler Chuck Pressler - Butch
Ruben Fischman Ruben Fischman - Carlos Garcia - CIA Agent
Joseph Campellone Joseph Campellone - Robert Stone

The interrogation scene with Chuck played by Damien Colletti was so realistic that Damien was actually cut with the prop razor blade and had a 4 inch mark for several days on his face after filming it.