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Tokimeki ni shisu (1984) HD online

Tokimeki ni shisu (1984) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Tokimeki ni shisu
Director: Yoshimitsu Morita
Writers: Kenji Maruyama,Yoshimitsu Morita
Released: 1984
Duration: 1h 45min
Video type: Movie
An emotionless hit man is sent on a mission to a remote town. There he stays with a caretaker / driver / servant / doctor who is given minimal instruction over the phone by "the organization." A prostitute joins them. Death is inevitable, but whose?
Credited cast:
Kenji Sawada Kenji Sawada - Naoya Kudo
Kanako Higuchi Kanako Higuchi - Hiromi Kozue
Naoki Sugiura Naoki Sugiura - Yosuke Okura
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Haruko Katô Haruko Katô - Otae-san
Ittoku Kishibe Ittoku Kishibe - Swimmer
Takeshi Kusaka Takeshi Kusaka - Nakayama
Nobuko Miyamoto Nobuko Miyamoto - Owner at an inn
Shigeru Yazaki Shigeru Yazaki - Shinjo

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    This is almost a minimalistic art piece, but there is practically no attention drawn to the artistic side of it making it work more like a moody drama, however, attached to that mood and drama is the ever-present awareness that death in the form of murder is going to happen. "Deaths" in the title and the first thing the movie tells us is that someone is going to be killed - inevitable death surrounds the mood. Who, how, why? It's not at all made clear for most of the movie, and we don't need to know because the characters clearly have a set purpose and we believe it - we just have to wait, like they do. By the start of the 3rd act everything is made clear what is supposed to happen, but we still don't know if it is going to or how it is going to play out.

    The directing is excellent. A lesser hand and this would have been a bore-fest. As it was, I was almost enchanted.

    This is not really a "crime" movie, definitely more a drama with a subtle backdrop of crime elements. A bit weird, a bit haunting. Recommended for those looking for something different who don't need action in their crime dramas.

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    This cool, detached Japanese drama risks being pigeonholed as a mystery simply because it never fully explains what exactly is happening. By downplaying the (already negligible) plot and working in brief, reticent episodes the film becomes an infuriating (some would say pretentious) labyrinth, full of odd twists, turns, and too many dead ends, but always moving toward an unknown but inevitable conclusion. It begins when a strange, dispassionate (almost comatose) young man arrives in a quiet country villa, where his nervous host is given anonymous instructions to attend to his guest's every need. Exactly what the stranger is hiding from or waiting for only becomes clear in the final few scenes, when a popular (and likewise unidentified) cult figure visits the town on a scheduled tour. After all the intrigue and anticipation the final piece of the puzzle can't help but come as a letdown, but the complete picture is nevertheless unsettling and haunting, however much it strains the viewer's patience.