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Her Dream Lovers (2011) HD online

Her Dream Lovers (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / Fantasy
Original Title: Her Dream Lovers
Director: Chieh Yang
Writers: Chieh Yang
Released: 2011
Budget: TWD 8,000
Duration: 25min
Video type: Movie
Tzu-Huei is a lonely woman addicted to magic medicine help her dream of a beautiful date. A coincidence made her experience a special dream never imagined. However, no matter how real the dream seen to be, she needs to wake up eventually.


Credited cast:
Jia Yuan Dong Jia Yuan Dong
Cheng Hao Lei Cheng Hao Lei
Shao Yuan Mou Shao Yuan Mou
Qiang-Ran Qiang-Ran
Shan Ye Shan Ye - Tzu-Huei

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    Although it is only the semester-end work of University film program, 'Her Dream Lovers' is the first short feature film shot of Director Chieh Yang. Shooting and post-production techniques may not mature enough, but the story is still pretty interesting. Single professional woman addicted to idol drama, dream to romantically date with handsome guys, and the magic elixir all are interesting elements of the screenplay of this film. It goes without saying this film still has improvement room at filming skills of fantasy themes, but considering this is the early work of Director Chieh Yang, maybe it is unfair to blame it too much.

    The most interesting part of this film, however, is its promotion. Director Chieh Yang went to France to be the exchange student at 2012. She applies the 'Short Film Corner' of Cannes Film Festival by this film. Short Film Corner, totally different from competition units of film festivals, doesn't judge the art quality of a short film. It is just like a catalog of short films and offers opportunities of communication with others in the movie industry.

    But the participation of 'Cannes Film Festival' attracts attentions of Taiwan media. Several Taiwan TVs and newspapers reported Chieh Yang widely at that time. It brings huge benefits of exposure and helps her movie business much. Her later developments in movie business all have some kinds of relationship with that exposure benefit. Hence, I would comment this short film as 'The blockbuster short film debuts'.