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Police Story Wolf (1973–1987) HD online

Police Story Wolf (1973–1987) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Wolf
Director: Barry Shear
Writers: Joseph Wambaugh,E. Arthur Kean
Released: 1973–1987
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Sgt. Wolf Bozeman, a gung ho street cop who lives through his job, tries to cope with the prospect of losing that job due to his deteriorating health.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Bridges - Sgt. Wolf Bozeman
Shelley Fabares Shelley Fabares - Annette Weiner
Tim O'Connor Tim O'Connor - Capt. Faulkner
Scott Brady Scott Brady - Vinnie
Norman Fell Norman Fell - Sgt. Dell
Christopher Connelly Christopher Connelly - Officer Randy Weiner
Jack Ging Jack Ging - Sgt. Valeir
Shelly Novack Shelly Novack - Officer Pulaski
John Vivyan John Vivyan - Sgt. Grady
Ted Gehring Ted Gehring - Morley
Pat Delany Pat Delany - Miss Cotter (as Pat Delaney)
Paul Carr Paul Carr - Officer Brinkley
Paul Henry Itkin Paul Henry Itkin - Officer Richey
Than Wyenn Than Wyenn - the Doctor
Carl Byrd Carl Byrd - Officer Colt

The character of Wolf Bozeman was 44. Lloyd Bridges was 17 years older in real-life, aged 61.

David Knapp (Palmer) and Paul Carr (Brinkley) would pass away within a week of each other in February 2006, Knapp at age 67 and Carr at age 72.

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    This kind of episode and topic bring no great change to the POLICE STORY TV series, the usual routine cops of LA procedural and lifestyle. It focuses on a cop called Wolf, played by Lloyd Bridges, perfect for this role, who lives, breathes, only for his job which he is so involved in. Until he begins to slowly but surely fall apart, as so many cops often do, destroyed by the constant pressure of their job. It's a depressing and so moving tale, where Lloyd Bridges is at his best. I know, many épisodes of this TV show look the same But I will never be tired of this, especially when such scripts are carried by such great performances. You find Jo Wambaugh's DNA in every second of this story.

    Directed by Barry - ACROSS 110TH STREET - Shear.
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    A few years before Joseph Waumbaugh created "Police Story", his novel "The New Centurions" was made into a movie. It featured an aging cop (George C. Scott) whose entire life was his job...and he simply could not function once he was forced to retire. "Wolf" is very similar, as it features an amazingly good cop, Sgt. Wolf Bozeman (Lloyd Bridges) who is forced to retire...and it doesn't sit well with him.

    Through the first portion of the show, you see the aging cop, Bozeman, in action. He's a great cop in many ways...and could even be called a super-cop. But, he's also got high blood pressure and he's becoming psychologically unfit for duty. The cumulative effects of the job and a recent shooting have taken their toll on the man and he's forced to retire...but he won't go gracefully. And, he feels he's still got it and the department didn't have the right to force him off the job. So what's next for the guy?

    This is an incredibly sad installment of "Police Story". While the department was right that Bozeman was unfit, just cutting him loose the way they did seemed inhuman. Sadly, cops with PTSD are often fired...and the consequences are dire. Don't believe me, try watching the documentary "Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance". Bozeman's story is much like the sad real life ones you hear in "Code 9". Incredibly well just might wanna have a box of Kleenex nearby. One of the best episodes in the series.
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    Police Story gets into the heart of police officers who give everything and get very little kind of respect in return. Joseph Wambaugh wrote this and you can tell from the plot that this is headed in a dark direction. An officer (Lloyd Bridges) basically who is a loner becomes unraveled learning about his health and in turn succumbing to the dark side as a sniper not wanting to take any lives, but forcing his own death by police. Gritty story with Norman Fall in an excellent role. Wambaugh makes it clear that no police officer goes unchanged by the job.
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    I watched all of the the Police Story episodes when I was in high school. I'm starting to watch them all again and I remembered "Wolf". Without doubt, this is one of the Top Three Police Story episodes of all time. I was a cop for almost 29 years and everything rang true and hit home. One of the dirty secrets of police work is that there are more cop suicides than there are cops killed in the line of duty each year.

    Bridges is simply brilliant as Wolf Bozeman, an elite Metro cop, who gives everything to the job. But as someone told me many years ago "You may love the job,but the job doesn't love you ". Nuff said.