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Danger Man That's Two of Us Sorry (1964–1967) HD online

Danger Man That's Two of Us Sorry (1964–1967) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Thatu0027s Two of Us Sorry
Director: Quentin Lawrence
Writers: Jan Read,Ralph Smart
Released: 1964–1967
Duration: 51min
Video type: TV Episode
Some confidential papers go missing and the fingerprint left points to a man who has been dead for 20 years. Drake is sent to a Scottish island to find out what has happened. The Russian fishing fleet is off the island and Drake poses as an amateur photographer and proceeds to investigate the locals, many of whom appear suspicious. Drake finds the islanders have a number of secrets, which he discovers before he works out what has happened.
Episode complete credited cast:
Patrick McGoohan Patrick McGoohan - John Drake
Francesca Annis Francesca Annis - Sheila
Finlay Currie Finlay Currie - Landlord
Nigel Green Nigel Green - Magnus Sutherland
Duncan Lamont Duncan Lamont - Angus McKinnon
Brian Phelan Brian Phelan - Donald McKinnon
Graham Crowden Graham Crowden - Braithwaite
Barbara Lott Barbara Lott - Mrs. Braithwaite
Julie Wallace Julie Wallace - Mrs. McKinnon
Duncan McIntyre Duncan McIntyre - Mackay
Rory MacDermot Rory MacDermot - Security Man
Sarah Branch Sarah Branch - Miss Montgomery (as Sara Branch)
Stephen Jack Stephen Jack - Dr. Hutchins
John Southworth John Southworth - Todd
Ian Flintoff Ian Flintoff - Nikita

Finlay Currie , who plays 'The Landlord' in this episode, also has a role in a half-hour long episode of Danger Man: The Gallows Tree (1961), which is essentially this episode shortened.

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    This is one of those Danger Man / Secret Agent episodes where things do not appear as they are. John Drake is on a manhunt, but is he taking the investigation down the right path? In the end we of course find out.

    This story also gives a glimpse as to how a small, tight knit community may behave when a stranger appears in its midst (in this case John Drake) and attempts to remove its leading citizen. Toward the end of the show the community is tempted to turn on our secret agent, but because Drake shows no fear (he NEVER does), the situation does not escalate.

    Keep your eyes on the character Magnus Sutherland -a man chock full of braggadocio and puritan values- who is endowed with some great lines of dialog. Sutherland is played by Nigel Green, who also appeared in the 1/2 hour Danger Man episode 'The Girl Who Liked GI's'. The actor is at his best here though, putting on a powerful Scottish Brogue and being quite the intimidating one.

    Another return performance is put in by the lovely Francesca Annis, who we also saw in the brilliantly crafted 1 hour episode 'No Marks For Servility' (my personal favorite). Her character Sheila again falls for Drake. I first saw Francesca play the mother of the Paul Atreides in the original 'Dune' movie.

    Character Actor Finlay Currie, who guest starred in a 1/2 Danger Man called 'The Gallows Tree', is an interesting addition here because that earlier episode was based on the same premise of Drake seeking out a spy who was long thought to be dead. Finlay plays differing roles in the two installments however.

    Finally, a pop quiz: See if you recognize the 'Angus McKinnon' character from one of the 1/2 hour episodes. Hint: he was sporting a beard in the earlier show.
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    Up until the final minutes in the show, "That's Two of Us Sorry" was a very good episode of "Secret Agent". However, the ending was extremely unsatisfying and dumb. On balance it's worth seeing if you like the series but nothing more.

    The episode begins with the loss of some important secret papers from a briefcase. John Drake is sent to investigate and talks with a very stupid agent (Graham Crowden) who swears he has no idea what's happened to the papers. The trail leads next to an isolated fishing village on the Scottish coast. It seems that a wanted man who is assumed dead MIGHT be living there, as his fingerprints were found on the briefcase. So, it's up to Drake to investigate this somewhat unfriendly town to find clues. Oddly, in addition to locals, he finds a bunch of Russian fishermen!* As I mentioned above, the ending was a mess. Think about it--after Drake nearly gets himself killed, incurs the anger of an entire town and finds the supposedly dead man, the dumb British agent discovers he's had the papers all along!!!! Huh?! Pretty lame.

    *During the Soviet era, Russian fishing trawlers were routinely used as spy vessels. So, the Russian fishermen wandering about took on a lot more significance in the show than folks today might think. Happily, these Russians turned out to be pretty decent folk, however,