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Ultimate Spider-Man (2005) HD online

Ultimate Spider-Man (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Animation / Action / Adventure / Crime / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Ultimate Spider-Man
Director: Chris Busse
Writers: Brian Michael Bendis,Mark Bagley
Released: 2005
Video type: Video Game
In this game, you play in the Marvel Ultimate Universe where Peter Parker is a young teenager trying to lead a normal life despite the fact that he's the Amazing Spider-Man. In addition, you also control Eddie Brock, a childhood friend who took a prototype experiment of his and Peter's fathers to become the murderous monster, Venom. While you help the innocent among your challenges as Spider-Man, you also rampage as Venom as events build to a final confrontation that both allies like Nick Fury or enemies like The Vulture cannot prevent.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sean Marquette Sean Marquette - Peter Parker / Spider-Man (voice)
Andrea Baker Andrea Baker - Mary-Jane (voice)
Arthur Burghardt Arthur Burghardt - Venom (voice)
Bob Glouberman Bob Glouberman - Rhino / Alex O'Hirn (voice)
Brian George Brian George - Shocker / Adrian Toomes (voice)
Daniel Capellaro Daniel Capellaro - Eddie Brock Jr. (voice)
Dave Fennoy Dave Fennoy - Nick Fury (voice)
David Kaufman David Kaufman - Johnny Storm / Human Torch (voice)
James Arnold Taylor James Arnold Taylor - Electro (voice)
Jane Hajduk Jane Hajduk - Sharon Carter (voice)
Jennifer Hale Jennifer Hale - Silver Sable (voice)
John Billingsley John Billingsley - Bolivar Trask (voice)
Keith Szarabajka Keith Szarabajka - Wolverine (voice)
Loren Lester Loren Lester - Richard Parker (voice)
Peter Lurie Peter Lurie - Green Goblin (voice)

When Spider-Man is hitting the Green Goblin,he says,"Why won't you fall down?". That is a reference to the comics when Spider-Man is fighting Ox and says,"Why won't you fall down?"

At night, if you go to the Sanctum Sanctorum the back door will be open with purple fog spilling out.

In the first race against Human Torch, Torch says "Darkhawk is faster that you!" Darkhawk is an underrated b-list hero in Marvel comics

The Ultimate Spiderman has a under-rated sequel known as Ultimate Spiderman: Battle of New York (Nintendo DS) where you play as both Spiderman and the Green Goblin

Many of the ratings that appear while performing combos (such as "Amazing", "Spectacular", and "Ultimate") are references to the titles of various Spider-Man comic book series.

Early in development, plans were to have a Hulk and Spider-Man team up. However, the developers opted for Venom instead, because they felt he was more closely related to Spider-Man anyway.

Due to the success of the game, writer of the game and comic of the same name, Brian Micheal Bendis, made the game canon to the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and even added panels that were identical to the game.

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    Ultimate spider-man is the best spider-man game available, no doubt, the graphics are incredible, breathtaking, and look exactly like a comic book, the web swinging has been improved from spider-man 2, it has many bosses, some being, Electro, Green Goblin, and Venom. You race the famous Johnny storm of the fantastic four as well! And you get to fight Wolverine! One of the best things about this game is the ability to play as Venom. He's soooooooo much fun to play as! He can jump over skyscrapers, and take out enemy's with a single punch! Also, when you complete the game, you are free to roam the city as Venom! They took a kind of GTA approach. If you commit a crime, say throwing a car at a building, then the cops start coming after you, and over time SWAT, Helicopters, etc. This game is non-stop fun, Buy it.
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    I had did a little research up on Ultimate Spider-man before I went out and bought this game. I didn't care much for the story of the Ultimate storyline Spider-man series with what I had read.

    Now I wasn't expecting much when I bought this game. What I got surprised me. The whole thing is done is a artsy comic book style. Think Hulk movie 2003 with the panels showing some action and stuff like that.

    The story pretty much follows the Ultimate comics from my understanding. I actually found the story to be one of the most interesting parts about the game. I still like the Amazing Spiderman story better, but the Ultimate storyline isn't as bad as I once thought once I got done with this game.

    The gameplay was layed out fine. Spider-man's web swinging from building to building is done perfect in my opinion. Everything flows smoothly with it. Unfortunately the camera can get in the way of the fights sometimes. The boss fights are evenly difficult. Some of the bosses can be a pain sometimes.

    The game also throws out a lot of side quest for you to do. Races around the city and combat tours. They can get repetitive and boring fast in my opinion. There are tons of tokens, comic book covers, and other stuff around the city to collect.

    Overall this was well above average, but still has it's flaws that can't be easily ignored. Such as the annoying camera and the repetitive side missions. Great lengthy game though. Especially if you're wanting to do everything. It's worth a buy
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    this is probably my favorite spider-man game. first off, there are nice controls. swinging works quite well in this title, and so does climbing and fighting. there are many collectibles to get, hidden throughout new york. But my favorite thing about ultimate spider-man is the venom game play. its very cool, you can demolish everything in your path. he is a bit slower than spider-man, though. the main missions are generally pretty good, but unfortunately the crimes going on all over new york get repetitive, and after a while, leave you bored. despite this con, its a great game. if your a spider-man fan, check this out. while it probably doesn't exactly deserve a 9, it's just to cool for a big spider-man fan like me.
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    when spider man 2 came out it was probably the greatest movie games i had ever played when i heard that ultimate spider man was gonna share the SM2 engine i was like yipee now playing it well it's still good but not as fun as spiderman 2 but first let's get down to business in the game you play as spidey (duh) and fight villains such as


    the only problem is that i wanted more villains not just 7 villains and where the hell are such classics as


    but fortunately you can also play as venom and trust me it's fun playing as venom blowing stuff up throwing cars too bad it really gets repetitive playing as venom and worst of all there's no chapter selection so once you beat the game it's not as fun as playing venom anymore but still it's a great game but i hate the fact that only 2 marvel characters make cameos THE HUMAN TORCH and WOLVERINE but still good enough game i give it a 8 out of 10
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    First off, I am a die-hard Spidey fanatic! The greatest Super Hero in comic book history (Sorry Superman.) Spidey has always been successful when it comes to videogames. Even dating back to the Spidey title for the Super Nintendo. That was a great game! The films are flawless as are the games bouncing off the films. But, I am sad to announce that Tobey Maguire is not present in Ultimate Spider-Man providing his voice for his greatest role in his career. But, do not fear! The acting is great in the game! Peter is more of a 15 year old in this version. Graphically, it goes back to the comics. (Ultimate Graphic Novels.) The gameplay is phenomenal! It's more simple than Spider-Man 2 but, it's a lot of fun! Swinging around the city has never been so much fun! OK, OK, I love Swinging in Spider-Man 2 as well. (Sorry, Tobey.) The combat system is awesome! Very fast and fluid. The story is straight from the Ultimate comics. (Remember, this is not the original comicbook storyline material, this is two years before the first Spider-Man movie.) The boss battles are actually quite humorous! This game is worth a rent for gamers, for die hard Spidey fans, this game is WORTH a purchase!!
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    What can I say about "Ultimate Spider-Man"? Well, for starters, being a lifelong fan of both Marvel Comics and Spider-Man, I was really hoping I'd like this game. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

    So what was it about this game that "bugged" me so much? Well, it wasn't just one thing in particular but a lot of little things put together. Here are some of the aspects of the game I found particularly bothersome:

    The overall look of the game. I'll admit it, maybe I'm being a bit unfair on this one. It's not that I hated the "cartoony" appearance of "Ultimate Spider-Man", it's just that I'd been spoiled by playing the visually stunning "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows" before playing this game.

    . The controls are horrible. It is entirely too difficult to web-sling across town with Spider-Man. Many of the game's missions depend upon exact maneuvering of Spidey's web-slinging in order to catch fleeing foes before they're "too far away". The only problem is that it's so hard to get Spidey to go where you want him to. You end up failing mission after mission which results in having to repeat them far more often than what should be necessary. I don't mind a challenging game as long as it's still fun, but this just stops being fun after a while.

    . Venom is pretty much worthless in this game. The poor controls aren't limited to Spider-Man, but also to Venom, which you have no choice but to play as at different points in the game. I don't mind Venom, but I'd rather play as Spider-Man, so if the game designers were going to put me in the position where I have to play as him (Venom), the least they could've done was to not make playing him a living hell. Much of Venom's gameplay depends upon jumping long distances. Again, he faces much the same problem here as Spidey did with his web-slinging. It's too difficult to control! You end up going here, there, everywhere but where you want it seems. The chase against Electro is absolutely horrendous for this very reason.

    The only positive things I can really say about the game was that it featured both a pretty good storyline and voice acting, but that's about it. In short, I'd say to skip this game in favor of "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows", which I think was superior in every way.
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    This is one of the most awesome Spider-Man games that has ever been made. There are so many good features that they have put into this piece of work that you almost lose yourself in the game. But everything, alas, comes at a price.

    First, there's the good stuff, which is like, 99.9% of the game. The story is is understandable, which is a must for any game. The story basically revolves around the time where Peter Parker meets his childhood friend Eddie Brock. The game starts off with Peter against Venom for the first time. As the story develops, Spider-Man unlocks different attacks and Venom becomes harder.

    The game play is very cool as well. The controls are easy to use. The swinging as Spider-Man is very good and so is the controls for Venom.

    There is a variety of different villains that you face. They include Green Goblin, Rhino and Electro. There is a few more.

    The only bad thing about this is some of the levels. In a few Spider-Man missions you have to prove your strength and lift or move heavy items using the triggers on your controller. Pretty difficult, but nowhere near the mission where you play as Venom against Carnage. You have to open some doors, and those doors are hard to open.

    But overall, the acting, the story, the game play and the characters in this all add up to a really enjoyable game.
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    Last year's Spider-Man 2 was a knockout in terms of what the series had done. It had so much going for it: a wide-open environment, amazing web-swinging mechanics, a solid fight system, and impressive visuals. Though the story itself wasn't too impressive, the gameplay more than made up for it. This year, the good folks at Treyarch have given us another impressive entry with Ultimate Spider-Man, but it isn't exactly what you would call "ultimate." First things first, this is the closest a video game has gotten to a comic thus far. Treyarch enlisted the talents of USM scribe, Brian Michael Bendis, whose monthly work on the Spidey comic title rarely (if ever) disappoints; and USM artist Mark Bagley, whose visual style is captured to near-perfection. The story is great -- revolving around Peter and his superhero duties mixed with his teenage woes. Never does it delve into the likes of the soap-opera nonsense found in The O.C., but rather, it focuses on a kid trying to do the right thing with the gifts he was given. Characters from the series pop up -- Nick Fury, Johnny Storm, Silver Sable -- and are an added bonus (if you're a comic nerd like me).

    The visuals are so amazing, they astound me every time I play. This is probably the best-looking comic game out there. It's not that it's super-detailed, capturing every last hair on the character as you'd expect from an Ps2 game. Instead, it keeps things simple and maintains the look from the comic. If you took the comic and matched it up against the game, it's surprising how little variation there is. Buildings are simple and blocky, but they fit. The distant New York skyline is the slew of skyscrapers and towers one would expect. Even the characters themselves have the same Mark Bagley detail.

    Spidey himself looks spot-on and he moves just like you'd expect him to. When swinging, his legs dangle appropriately; when he's in mid-air between web swings, he performs flips and flourishes that the wall-crawler is known for. His movements and exaggerations on his punches and kicks are taken straight out of his books. It's so much fun just to watch our hero in action.

    The voice-acting is also impressive, especially since this is a video game. It's the same quality you'd expect from a movie or TV show. Despite it being a game, there's no bad or over acting going on here. Spidey is a squeaky-voiced teenager in the midst of puberty -- but that doesn't mean his trademark smart-ass quips and banter aren't accounted for. In fact, these are some of the best treats in the game. It's fantastic to hear Spidey say "sweet sassy molasses!" when he's shocked. The banter like "my point being: you truly do very much suck," is great. My personal fluorite is when he first meets the behemoth Rhino "…I'm so scared, I can even finish my lame joke." Good times, that's what that is. Besides, what is Spider-Man without his classic banter?

    One of the issues that presented itself is that the combat system isn't as deep as in Spider-Man 2. Gone are the crazy combos that clear out any enemy standing next to you, as well as any purchased upgrade. Now, it's just a very basic button-mashing system. Kicks and punches are accounted for, but they're so basic that they're not as lively as they used to be. Though that change does make sense. This is a kid just starting out in the superhero racket, so he still has a way to go to becoming the icon we all know and love. The fighting system does rely on changing targets and bouncing off walls, which does add to the enjoyment of it. While the more intricate combos have been escorted out of the game, there is still some technique required. After all, Spidey always relied a bit more on his speed and reflexes before his strength.

    Another point to touch upon is the web-swinging. In last year's title, collision detection on the web strands themselves were existent. Say you were rounding a corner, the web would catch the building it was attached to and whip Spidey around appropriately. Not so much in USM. If you want an extra boost when coming around a corner, you'll have to jump and shoot another web in the desired direction.

    Also done away with is a sprint button. It's not a big deal, especially if you haven't played Spider-Man 2, but it is missed. Spider-Man can't sprint up the side of a building when crawling to make things a bit less tedious. While you can add an extra boost to your swing, that same boost is unavailable while moving along a surface. Charged jumps are also done away with. When climbing up a building, if you try to charge a jump to ascend a bit more quickly, Spidey will actually jump away from the surface he's scaling. Again, it's something that does indeed make sense, but it will be missed.

    The biggest drawback of this game is the inclusion of Venom as a playable character. He draaaags. He can't web swing (but he can cover vast distances with his leaps), he relies on brute strength rather than finesse, and you must also devour people in order to keep the suit from killing the man inside. That's right, you are forced to eat people to keep your health up. Um, maybe it's me, but isn't that a bit off course from what's expected from a Spider-Man game? When compared to the swift, agile Spider-man, Venom is a slow, dull galoot. His missions usually consist of chasing a target around the city, which can get to be a real pain. Some chases require you to recharge your health during the pursuit, and in most cases, you simply don't have the time which results in a big ol' "Game Over" screen.
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    My first thought after playing this game was it was pretty cool. But then, i noticed how when i was swingin' around New York that all the buildings(except for Trask Tower) were the same to Spider-Man 2 the movie game. Even the controls are the same! This is basically an enhancement for the Spider-Man 2 game, with better graphics, storyline, and gameplay. And mucho better villains. And the ability to play as Venom?!?!?! Never saw that coming, it was AWESOME. Wasn't expecting Wolverine to make an appearance. While some people say this game sucked, i thought it was good enough for me to write a comment on. Oh, and one more thing, unless it takes you a TERRIBLY long time to beat an easy game, or you like playing a game over and over again to getall the secrets and stuff, don't buy this game. Just rent it, beat, and take it back. It's pretty much worth the 3 bucks.
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    This is the first Spidey game I've played and it was AWESOME i specially like the throwing cars thing venom's got going on. When you fight wolverine the best way to deal with him is the tentacle smack and that's really cool. My only complaint is that venom moves too slowly in chases but feeding on people is cool. As Spidey i fink they should let you web up super-villains like rhino or beetle and not just muggers. Fightng green goblin is wicked. In the ELECTRO battle i love the way venom and electro are fighting over who will kill spider man 1st. I recommend this game to Spidey lovers everywhere 9/10 this is a cool game you heard me a cool game
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    Ever played the Spider-Man 2 game of the movie? Of course you have, because everybody has. It was the latest in the endless parade of licensed games which were all but guaranteed best-sellers. But amongst the sludge that is churned out by the industry every year, there's always the one gem. Spider 2 was that gem: it's badly put together, the combat is repetitive to the max, the boss battles mediocre, and the acting average, but one thing is great: the swinging. You cruise through the city, making use of a near-perfect system for movement that is both easy to pick up and hard to master, meaning that just buggering about in the central hub was far more fun than actually playing through the story. It is rare that a single feature can save a title, but Spider 2 manages it.

    Following in this surprisingly pretty good effort's footsteps is Ultimate Spider-Man, an adaptation of the alternate reality comic of the same name. Once again developed by Treyarch, the game inevitably shares many of its genes with the company's previous effort.

    The first thing that jumped to my attention was the lovely cell-shading that envelops the entire experience, coupled with the genius use of panels like in a comic, which sees such moments as when characters jump to dodge an attack, fly out of a panel and land in another. It looks supremely stylish.

    Less great, any veterans of Spider 2 will doubtless spend the best part of a half-hour struggling to get used to the unnecessarily altered control setup: whereas before one had to swing with R2, before pressing X to release and then fire another webline, the new game just requires holding and releasing R2 to move around. Some people prefer this, others don't, and I fall neatly into the latter category. It feels different to what I got so used to less than a year earlier, and therefore earns a good shunning from me. Still, a single nice addition comes with the ability to climb up a webline by holding triangle, which is a nice way of gaining some quick height. The worst part? The button layout is fixed, ergo completely uneditable. Grr.

    Despite the flaws, I adjusted and enjoyed zipping about the (slightly smaller than before) city to a fair degree.

    More problematic is the combat: to date, no Spider-Man game seems to have possessed a truly 'good' fighting system, and Spider 2's was competent at best, but Ultimate takes a step backwards. While less overflowing with pointless combos and more weightier-feeling, beating thugs up is simply a chore, made worse by the maddening requirement of webbing foes up either just before or after delivering the final blow. A minor annoyance, but absolutely essential, because the bastards keep getting back up otherwise.

    An interesting mechanic is the fact that switching between kicking and punching (triangle and square) does extra damage, which is a big help during the game's many boss fights.

    On the subject of boss fights, this is another adventure that is mysteriously spent witling away at massive life bars for half its duration. The brawls in question are almost all enjoyable, and display at least some level of development competence, although very similar repeated encounters can drag on.

    The music is pleasantly acceptable, being a mix between funkiness for general work and orchestral epicness during the critical story battles. It's not that exceptional, but the main menu tune is pretty catchy, and sure as hell got stuck in my head a while. Why, there it is now....actually, that's bothering me....

    The plot is based on the comics (nah, really?), and presented with gusto, through use of the nicey-nice cutscenes and generally hunky-dory acting. It's a combination of cartoonish silliness and grim seriousness, but makes for a more compelling watch than the awkward romances of the films, at least.

    Highlighted amongst this are Spider-Man's trademark quips, which flow from his mouth during every cutscene and every clash. While it is all very much hit-and-miss, the majority of his comments are grin-inducing, although I can assure you that your sides are unlikely to split.

    So far, I've made it sound a lot like Ultimate is just a prettier, more technically impressive version of its spiritual predecessor. While that is partly true, the most interesting aspect of the game is the supposed arch-villain and second playable character Venom, who was much-hyped, deservedly.

    In contrast to Spidey's nimble acrobatics, Venom lumbers through the city like the beast he is, and jumps colossal distances rather than swinging, although his tentacles act as a comparable tool to the Spider's web-zip, and are used to move forward at speed.

    Along with those extremities, the big purple dude slashes with his claws, punches, kicks, faceplants people, throws cars around, breaks the backs of slow-moving adversaries and even eats folks. By absorbing them into his body, Venom gains health (which constantly dwindles), before spewing the victim out. I checked, and they are clearly breathing, sadly. Still, broken backs are less easily remedied, eh? At the very least, there are now far more paraplegics in the world. Also, I count having THAT tongue as a superpower.

    Back on the topic of Venom, he is so much more preferable to Spider-Man that the game became a case of slogging through until the next section where he was available. Typically, these bits are considerably fewer and less lengthy. Well, if that ain't just peachy. But not to worry, fans of evil teeth-and-tentacle monsters; if you manage to beat the (easy, and short) main plot, you can play as Venom whenever you want, with no restrictions, and even partake in a destruction mini-game wherein you fight endless hordes of human resistance, with different levels of pain-bringing.

    Venom's inclusion is reason enough to buy this, but by no means the only thing going for it. Definitely worth having.
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    This is my first video game review, but I figured I would write one on this game cause maybe I can save someone 49.95. I thought it was okay, but a step backward quite frankly from Spider-man two. Based on Spidey comics I have never read the villains and heroes from the most part look and act differently than any in the comic book I read with the exceptions of Spider-man, Venom, and Silver Sable. Once again Spidey's strength is ignored, but here I am thinking the Spider-man from the Ultimate series is not in the same strength class as the one I read in the comics as he has trouble holding onto a car while the one from the comics I read can hurl a car quite easily. Once again we have the Grand Theft Auto influence of the free roaming environment that makes you have the ability to swing around town, but other than Grand Theft Auto it actually seems to shorten dramatically the story of any other game that uses this technique. You have your array of villains here, but once again not enough for me...Spidey has dozens and dozens of enemies why not use as many as possible? Let's face it the video game systems are more powerful now they can handle a large collection of villains. I want 20 or more boss fights not 7 or 8. And speaking of boss fights, they are all the same. Chase villain through city, fight, repeat. There is no variety to the missions at all. The boss fights themselves are underwhelming when you are Spidey thanks to the fact he can't lift and throw stuff or use his webbing in most of the fights and a bit more fun when you are Venom. Quite frankly I will take "The Amazing Spider-man" video game for the PS1 over this game any day in terms of fighting. Spidey doesn't have as many moves as he did in the previous two games based on the movies. The swinging is also worse as instead of just blazing through the city doing all sorts of cool moves it is almost as if you are fighting the controls to make Spidey chase someone and Venom doesn't swing at all, but he does jump rather well. There is also no variety in the mini games either. You either race or fight a gang. The city events are the same as the last game, bank robberies, people on ledges about to fall so on and so on so there really is not enough to keep you playing after the very boring ending where you get to see the same credits you can access any time at the start screen. I am guessing only role playing games these days put any sort of effort in the ending. So if you have not bought this game yet, don't do so now, wait for it to go down to 19.95. I hope they make another Spidey game not based on the movies and not based on the ultimate comics cause I really want to play an ultimate Spider-man game with nearly all the exclusive villains of Spider-man including the Hobgoblin and Green Goblin on a goblin glider. Man the Green Goblin in the Ultimate series sucks compared to the one from amazing.
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    lets go baby

    From the moment I saw the commercials, I hated the animation style. To me, cell-shading doesn't say "comic book". You want to see what a "comic book" game looks like, take a look at the classic Maximum Carnage. THAT looks like it came out of a comic.

    When I got the game, my opinion of it didn't improve. Spider-Man 2 really set the bar for any future free-roam Spidey games, and this one falls far short. NY is reduced by HALF so they could add Queens. The buildings look like crap and the streets make no sense so they could add Ultimate locations. One thing I did like was the inclusion of additional NYC landmarks, although I'd rather not at the expense of all the others.

    The comic panels were fine in moderation, but in EVERY FREAKIN' CUT-SCENE?! They got INCREDIBLY annoying. It's a comic, we get it, move on. I hated when they did that for the Hulk movie, and I hated it here. The city missions are the same as Spidey 2 (with the addition you fight Shocker and Boomerang every so often) but the boss fights really suffer. The vast majority of them include some kind of chase followed by a battle where you have to use your useless spider-sense (which doesn't respond anywhere near as effectively as Spidey 2) and they can be very easily beaten. No real challenge at all.

    Spidey can't grab, Spidey can't throw, and there are no upgrades for the kind of web attacks you can do. Swing maneuverability has also gone the way of the dodo. Venom can grab AND throw, and has the strength Spidey is missing even if he can't swing. The only other negative is you need to constantly eat people when you play with him to recharge your health yet when you fight him his health stays full all the time.

    Bendis' dialog is funny at times, but the story falls as flat as most of his padded out Ultimate issues. Frankly, Spider-Man 2 is your best bet to own. This game? Rent and return it.