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Bad Hombres, Best Men (2017) HD online

Bad Hombres, Best Men (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Horror
Original Title: Bad Hombres, Best Men
Director: Carlos Graña
Writers: Carlos Graña
Released: 2017
Video type: Movie
A fake mariachi wedding band of former convicts called Bad Hombres, Best Men comes unanimously recommended because they guarantee one thing: couples that hire them remain together forever. The trio arrive for their audition, only it's the unwitting spouses-to-be that are in fact tested in the back of the musicians' sound-proofed van. Under extreme interrogation and torture, victims arrive at the truth behind their reasons for tying the knot. In the process, couples learn about themselves and one another more intimately and accurately than they ever thought possible. Survivors earn the right to host Bad Hombres on their special day.
Credited cast:
David Baldwin David Baldwin
Bernardo Cruz Bernardo Cruz
William McCarthy William McCarthy
Megan Putnam Megan Putnam
Ben Russell Ben Russell