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Subway to Hell (2007) HD online

Subway to Hell (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Horror
Original Title: Subway to Hell
Director: Isaac Ezban
Writers: Isaac Ezban,Isaac Ezban
Released: 2007
Duration: 6min
Video type: Movie
The subway in New York City can be a very creepy place, and it is definitely not the ideal place for having a bad trip.
Credited cast:
John Callejas John Callejas - The Man
Chris Jameson Chris Jameson - The Death (as Christopher Jameson)
Talia Szydlo Talia Szydlo - Subway Voice (voice)

Director Isaac Ezban got his inspiration for this film from a real experience that happened to him. On the summer of 2007, while studying at the New York Film Academy, one night he went to visit some friends in Brooklyn and smoked a joint with them. While trying to go back to Manhattan late at night, he experienced a bad trip on the subway. The next morning he woke up and decided to make a film about it. In the beginning of the film, where it says "Based on a true story", it refers to this one.

This was the first short film that Isaac Ezban wrote, directed, edited and produced. He made it while studying at the New York Film Academy.

Director Isaac Ezban found a lot of troubles on trying to make this film. First, he couldn't get the legal permits to shoot on the subway so, without the knowledge of any of his professors, he went to the subway at 4 am and shot without any permits. However, the battery of the 16 mm camera ran out that night, so he had to go back with the actors the next night and shoot it all over again. Every time and MTA officer entered one of the trains, they had to get off immediately and try shooting on the next train. Even though the film appears to take place in one train and one station, it was actually shot in 7 different trains and 3 different stations.