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Degrassi: The Next Generation Rock This Town (2001–2015) HD online

Degrassi: The Next Generation Rock This Town (2001–2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Rock This Town
Director: Gavin Smith
Writers: Linda Schuyler,Yan Moore
Released: 2001–2015
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
When Emma tells Manny that her parents are out of town for the weekend. Manny decides to have a party at Emma's. J.T. tells them they should have it for Liberty's birthday so they do. However, when everybody finds out about the party, Manny learns that it was a mistake. The students at Lakehurst come to the party but start trouble and are thrown out. By the end of the night, someone will lose their life
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Miriam McDonald Miriam McDonald - Emma Nelson
Cassie Steele Cassie Steele - Manny Santos
Daniel Clark Daniel Clark - Sean Cameron
Stacey Farber Stacey Farber - Ellie Nash
Lauren Collins Lauren Collins - Paige Michalchuk (credit only)
Drake Drake - Jimmy Brooks (as Aubrey Graham) (credit only)
Shane Kippel Shane Kippel - Gavin 'Spinner' Mason
Shenae Grimes-Beech Shenae Grimes-Beech - Darcy Edwards (as Shenae Grimes) (credit only)
Mike Lobel Mike Lobel - Jay Hogart
Deanna Casaluce Deanna Casaluce - Alex Nuñez
Stefan Brogren Stefan Brogren - Archie 'Snake' Simpson
Amanda Stepto Amanda Stepto - Christine 'Spike' Nelson
Ryan Cooley Ryan Cooley - J.T. Yorke
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Sarah Barrable-Tishauer - Liberty Van Zandt
Jamie Johnston Jamie Johnston - Peter Stone (credit only)

Ryan Cooley (JT Yorke) chose to leave the show to attend acting college.

This episode takes place in November 2006.

Reviews: [9]

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    I am not an emotional person, however I almost cried watching this episode. JT was one of my favorite characters, I've watched him since he started the show, and he grew up right there on the screen Knowing that he never got to tell Liberty the fact that he still loved her, was in my view one of the saddest things that could of happened.

    I love how they got the emotions of everybody down to the nines. I really gripping and compelling episode I have never felt so much empathy for this show since Jimmy was shot.

    It was very well done, I wish they had picked a character that I didn't like as much, but not everything could work out that way. Keep up the great work and I hope that everybody can see the impacts that happen in Candian Schools everyday
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    J.T. was my favorite character from the start. To delete the funniest character from the show was really weird. Why couldn't somebody else get stabbed to death. When this episode first aired, I thought of it as not a big deal. But when I kept watching the show episode by episode, I realized how much J.T.'s death really affected the show. One thing I noticed in the happening, J.T. slowly fell, in Johnny DiMarco's pee. The episode that really made me almost cry was the following episode, The Bitterest Pill. The way Toby took it was spectacular acting. However, right after Johnny and Drake ran away, Liberty dropped her purse and zoomed to J.T. She almost instantaneously started crying. Good acting would be if the person was incredibly spooked. Then started to flip out.
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    Okay. Let me tell you what is so amazing about this episode. Not only did the writers kill off the best character, but they did it in a pretty crazy way. I have now seen the episode seven times, looking for one specific thing. Who really killed JT? (Aside from the obvious Lakehurst boys) Thanks to Manny Santos "This is all my fault. This party was my idea!" for the idea. I came up with a list of 26 characters who contributed to the death of my JT, including his wonderful self!

    Let's start from the beginning. (Even before the episode starts.) Let's just say that Ellie, Jimmy, Marco, and Craig's agent let Craig go away for the summer. When he came back, he was on drugs. He went away. Manny is in a funk. Emma's parent s go away. Manny wants to throw a party. It is Liberty's birthday, JT suggests. Emma agrees. Already eleven characters. JT can go to the party because Mia and Bella are away. Next Danny and his friend over hear. They spread the word to people such as Spinner. The word travels to Lakehurst boys, who crash the party. Dameon thinks Liberty is boring, which leaves Liberty to talk to JT. But Emma is wasted, and Sean is confused. Liberty runs away when JT doesn't love her. Toby's 'gf' walks away. Toby tells JT to find Liberty. It's all a set up for his very death. Jay and Spinner kick the Lakehurst boys out. When JT gets to his car, he sees Jonny and Drake peeing on his car. (For those who aren't keeping track, that's 24 characters.) One of the boys stabs him, and he falls to the ground. Liberty finds him. They go to the hospital. Toby pretends to be JT's brother. The doctor (char. 25) tells him that JT is dead.

    If you include the script writer, 26 people killed JT. How could they? I loved him. And now he's gone. And Liberty will never know that he loved her. James Tiberius Yorke, may he rest in peace. We will never forget you.
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    The episode Rock this Town was excellent. J.T. was my favorite character and it sucked they killed him. I think that the memorial service stunk. They should have showed more of how the students felt and I wished that you could have seen the entire slide show. They should have done an entire slide show with music at the end with no interruption and I really want to know what was on the tape that liberty had played at the end. I think that they left out how other students feel like Paige. I know J.T. being killed affects more than just Liberty and Toby. I know Toby was his best friend but it seemed like he was more worried about Liberty. Didn't J.T. and Toby grow up together. He tried to beat up a guy for Paige when she told him she was raped. I am going to miss Ryan Cooley he is a great actor. I hope that he does other movies soon.
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    There was no point of his death. He was HANDSOME, FUNNY, and the best character of the show. Liberty was his love, and he loved her a lot. The fact the writers "thought" killing JT was the "best idea" was not. They could've added drama by having him stabbed, but instead of him dying, the doctors said, "He's alive. But he'll be in the hospital for maybe months, but he's OK." instead of Manny going sadly the rest of the night saying, "It's my fault. I threw the party." and feel it was her fault. So they started Degrassi with around 9,000 watching. Once Liberty got pregnant, they raised it to around 19,000. Then more drama, more you have around 2,000,000 people watching! Eureka! but then JT dies, and then it drops, FEEEEWWWWWWWW........3,000! Then Liberty loses her BABY! FEEEEWWWWWWWW........1. Like, one person watching. More drama comes, they get more viewers. Raise it back to 2,000,000...but to get more, they could've had it where JT starts being in Liberty's dreams. And Besides, you know JT Funeral, not ONE PERSON CRIED. Liberty was like, "I can't be here. Bye JT. It was fun having your baby and dating you and being you're best friend since like, you know, kindergarten. Bye." I MEAN WHAT WAS THE POINT???! You have to ask, what WAS the point. Killing a teen...a good one, too...
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    Jt was one of the original characters and has been on the show from the start. The fact that they killed him for no reason is really disturbing. The style of the writing has changed immensley. It seems that instead of being true to the characters and creating a good story, all the writers care about is getting more viewers. In reality they're losing them. Who wants to see a sweet guy die? Jt's character doesn't have much action, so it wasn't too heart wrenching. It was sadder watching Liberty deal than it was knowing Jt is gone from the show forever.

    Now there's rumors going around that another gil will become pregnant. What's the point of killing someone or making another girl pregnant? Soon all the girls on Degrassi will be pregnant and half the guys will be dead. What's the point of watching anymore if the plot isn't going to have any real consiquence?

    Not only was Jt killed, but his death was brushed off pretty quickly. Instead of focusing on the new love budding between Toby and Lib., they need to show the characters in mourning. Jt's death was only carried out because one of the producers "had been wanting to kill off a character" for awhile. What's the point? Where'd you go Degrassi? I miss you...
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    i think that the stabbing was kind of random. Also by a random person. I know that the kid was from Lakehurst but it wasn't the main kid j.t. was having problems with. Also in the alley J.T. didn't even do anything to them.

    The kid just ran up to him and stabbed him. All in all it was one of the most gripping Degrassi episodes I've seen. Mixed with tons of different emotions. J.T. didn't even get to tell liberty that he still loved her. Killed by Love pretty much. This was definitely one of the best episodes I'd have to say because there was so much going on. Emma and Sean about to have sex but Emma to drunk. The whole J.T., Mia, Liberty love triangle and obviously the stabbing.
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    I was in shock when I saw it. I couldn't believe that JT's gone! Where will the comedy come from on this show? At least he got a real send off, as apposed to Terri, who is still probably in a coma. What bugs me the most is that he never got a chance to tell Liberty he loved her. I wanted him to tell her with his last breath, "I love you, Liberty *choke, girgle*" I was totally crying at the end.

    I'm glad that the actor is going to college, but did they have to make it impossible for him to return to the show? sigh. And this whole thing only makes me really hate the character of Manny even MORE! It was her character that threw the party. She's not likable anyway, was it necessary to make her stupid as well? Grrr....
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    this episode was amazing, even though my favorite character is now gone. his name was James Tiberius Yorke. he was one of the original cast members, and i think that's what makes it so hard to believe that he's gone. (he's not dead in real life, just on the show; he wanted to go to college) he was one of the only reasons i watched, and now he's not on it anymore. but i think the following episodes will be just as touching, since they deal with the loss of a friend,

    Degrassi teaches kids how to deal with things they'll encounter in life, and i think that's a great thing. they teach you about being gay, losing a loved one, meeting new people, making friends, dealing with drugs, and so on. these are things every teen will encounter some day in their life. this is was makes this show so successful. each episode has a "moral" and a lesson to be taught. it's not like one of the soap operas on TV. it has much more to it. the show really gets to kids, because it teaches about real life situations. personally, this show is one of my favorites, and a lot of my friends agree. we all sit down and watch it every Friday night just to see what will happen next.