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Yes Sir! Madame... (1994) HD online

Yes Sir! Madame... (1994) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Yes Sir! Madame...
Director: Robert Morin
Writers: Robert Morin
Released: 1994
Duration: 1h 15min
Video type: Movie
Born in Acadia of a francophone father and an anglophone mother, Earl Tremblay is going through an uncharacteristically Canadian identity crisis. Resolved to resolve it, he shoots the 19 rolls of film his filmmaker mother left him. His goal: to record his daily life, and try to find the same meaning in French and in English. As the reels get shot over the course of a journey that pieces together the key moments in his life, from his isolated youth in a small fishing village to his ascension to the rank of MP in the Conservative Party, Tremblay watches his personality split and finally separate irrevocably.
Cast overview:
Robert Morin Robert Morin - Earl Tremblay

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    This movie may seem kind of strange at first, but it is the work of a very smart person. It is original and beautiful. I've never seen anything like this movie - I've asked other people about it, and they also never saw anything like this!

    Some scenes are quite "hardcore". He literally spits in the face of the government. The part with Brian Mulroney made me laugh out like crazy. The noises he makes all along the movie are quite entertaining.

    The end disturbed me.