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No me defiendas compadre (1949) HD online

No me defiendas compadre (1949) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: No me defiendas compadre
Director: Gilberto Martínez Solares
Writers: Juan García,Gilberto Martínez Solares
Released: 1949
Duration: 1h 32min
Video type: Movie
The misadventures of a young man who doesn't want a job, until he meets a beautiful girl.
Cast overview:
Germán Valdés Germán Valdés - Tin Tan (as Tin-Tan)
Marcelo Chávez Marcelo Chávez - Marcelo (as Marcelo)
Rosita Quintana Rosita Quintana - Beatriz
Juan García Juan García - Sr. García
Wolf Ruvinskis Wolf Ruvinskis - El enmascardo
Nicolás Rodríguez Nicolás Rodríguez - Sr. Pulido
Turanda Turanda - Joyce
Fernando Galiana Fernando Galiana - Gutiérrez
Leticia Palma Leticia Palma - Mujer del enmascarado (as Nazira de Tello)
Luis Mussot Luis Mussot - Treviño, dueño de tienda
Joaquín García Vargas Joaquín García Vargas - Ladrón chaparro en tienda (as Borolas)
Salvador Quiroz Salvador Quiroz - Ciente importante en tienda
Julio Daneri Julio Daneri - Don Luis, dueño restaurante
María Luisa Smith María Luisa Smith - Doña Trini, tía de Tin Tan

One of the three movies that Tin Tan ;considered in México as gifted as Cantinflas) made with the talented argentinian actress Rosita Quintana.

Tin Tan made alll his stunts.

Wolf Ruvinskis was a professional wrestler. He claimed that he asked a partner, Enrique Llanes, to do the stunts of Tin Tan, but for his surprise, that was not necessary, since Tin Tan, a gifted athlete, learned easily how to do their own stunts.

Wol Ruvinskis was a popular argentinian wrestler at the time this movie was made. He claimed that Enrique Llanes, another wrestler, was hired to do the stunts in the scenes were Tin Tan fights against Ruvinskis. Tin Tan (a surprinsingly gifted athlete) made all the stunts by himself.

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    One of the best Tin Tan comedies with his sidekick Marcelo Chávez, under the direction of Gilberto Martínez Solares, the same people that made the classics, "Calabacitas tiernas (¡Ay, qué bonitas piernas!)", "El rey del barrio" and "El revoltoso". The four films are solid products that hold up very well after 60 years of being made. When you watch any of these movies you do not expect masterpieces: they are star vehicles rooted in vaudeville and circus, with the kind of comedy performed by buffoons in tents. Their structures are basic, built around sequences dealing with a single situation: in this case, Tin Tan as a waiter, Tin Tan as a private detective and finally as a wrestler. Opposed to Cantinflas and other Mexican comics, Tin Tan was a charismatic and handsome comic, a good dancer and singer, stylishly dressed in pachuco outfits or in rags, as the poorest guy in town. This time he is constantly put in jail for the silliest possible reasons, while his lawyer neighbor (Marcelo) make things worse instead of helping him. When he is falsely accused of stealing the tires of a car, his girlfriend (Rosita Quintana) signs IOUs in his name, that force him to find work and raise the money to pay. The funniest sequence is the one concerning Tin Tan's last job, when he has to fight a wrestler called "El Enmascarado", who turns out to be one of the many restaurant clients he abused while working as a waiter. The role is played by Wolf Ruvinskis, a professional wrestler who was the villain or center of jokes in many of Tin Tan's movies. They were very good friends in real life, and it shows, since the match is truly hilarious. Maybe for cultural reasons, the humor is limited to or more appreciated by Latin Americans, but this one rates very high in the actor's and director's filmographies.