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A Haunting on Potter Street: The Potter Street Station (2012) HD online

A Haunting on Potter Street: The Potter Street Station (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: A Haunting on Potter Street: The Potter Street Station
Director: Steven 'Prozak' Shippy
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 16min
Video type: Movie
For the first time in history a film crew has been granted permission to enter the massive and mysterious Potter Street Station of Saginaw, Michigan. Watch the evidence unfold as investigators document their journey through 30,000 square feet of suspense. Locked in over night, the investigators have 'til dawn to seek proof of the station's notorious hauntings, specifically the reported "woman in white." Hidden amongst the gritty industrial sites of Saginaw, Michigan exists a virtual porthole to the past. Potter Street is lined with boarded up saloons, abandoned centuries-old buildings, and Saginaw's best kept secret... the Potter Street Station.
Cast overview:
Steven 'Prozak' Shippy Steven 'Prozak' Shippy - Himself
Brian Harnois Brian Harnois - Himself
Tim Rooney Tim Rooney - Himself
Adam Eugenio Adam Eugenio - Himself

Historians refer to the Potter Street depot as the "Titanic" of railroads, due to its massive & luxurious architecture, as well as its untimely demise.

In 1991, an arsonist set fire to the Potter Street Station nearly burning it to the ground. To this day, he has never been caught and prosecuted for his crime.

During World War I and World War II, bodies of soldiers killed in battle were brought back to the Station and stored until they could be returned to their loved ones.

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    This is just guys roaming an old station speaking in hushed tones and asking the shadows things like, "Can you give me some kind of sign?" I couldn't see or hear most of the "evidence." The station has an interesting history. I hope someone makes a program about its renovation.
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    This was not good. I can see what they were trying to do making a film that seems like a ghost hunter show only trying to be just scary enough to seem real. It failed. By giving the audience just enough visual to be obviously more than a dumb fake ghost hunter show, they unfortunately danced a weird line between the two. Maybe if the ghost hunter shows weren't so lame and obviously fake then this could be more successful, but that is not the reality we live in. I do, however, applaud the attempt and obvious thought that went into this film, keep trying to scare us guys, you'll get there.
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    This is a docu-drama which is somewhere between Blair Witch and an episode of Ghost Hunters. They try to portray this as an actual real documentary, but there are too many EVPs, apparitions, noises, physical interactions, etc to be real. There have been many case studies done in places suspected of being haunted that don't provide more than one or two of these in a week's time of rolling cameras. It may have been worth watching if there had been better lighting so we could see the architecture of the building. I don't think there is a rule that says ghosts only come out in the dark. I suggest looking elsewhere for a ghost story.
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    A HAUNTING ON POTTER STREET: THE POTTER STREET STATION is another one of those paranormal documentaries consisting entirely of a couple of guys wandering around a supposedly haunted locale at night, shooting via night vision cameras and looking for spirits which never materialise. This one has the brief of introductions before lots of long-winded 'investigation' footage, this time in a huge abandoned train station. This kind of thing is fun to do in person, but it's not at all fun to watch someone else doing it.