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Hippydrome Tiger (1968) HD online

Hippydrome Tiger (1968) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Family / Animation / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Hippydrome Tiger
Director: Alex Lovy
Writers: Tony Benedict
Released: 1968
Duration: 6min
Video type: Movie
Col. Rimfire tells his "faithful robot elephant", Ella, that he is determined once and for all to capture that troublesome tiger, Cool Cat. After Ella mistakingly points Rimfire to a rabbit, Rimfire discovers that Cool Cat has gone to Paris... namely to enter the Le Mans road race. Rimfire goes after Cool Cat with his rifle but the cat just calmly states, "Get off my chariot!" After sending Rimfire into the lake with a drop of oil on the track and returning a torpedo launched by the colonel to whence it came, the colonel and his elephant trap Cool Cat in his car but he escapes out the tailpipe followed by Rimfire. As a result, the elephant (being the only one left on the car), comes in first and is deemed a hero. Having lost the spotlight to an elephant, the cat agrees to let Rimfire continue chasing him!
Complete credited cast:
Larry Storch Larry Storch - Cool Cat (voice)