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Segi3Hati (2015) HD online

Segi3Hati (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Romance
Original Title: Segi3Hati
Director: Adi Wijananda
Writers: Mei Lin Kallman,Adi Wijananda
Released: 2015
Budget: IDR 300,000,000
Duration: 1h 5min
Video type: Movie
In reverse school ties plot mei Lin is a Indonesian student who comes to a Jewish boarding school but does not tell anyone that she's Asian no one in the school realizes that she's Asian despite the fact that she looks Asian when the school finds out that she actually is in fact Asian there are a lot of prejudice stereotypes that go around and mei lin is unable to find friends in her Jewish boarding school in the end mei Lin and her peers learns acceptance and are able to find that prejudiced goes beyond a first glance.
Credited cast:
Anesya Anggun Anesya Anggun - Mia Kalila
Bilqis Atari Bilqis Atari - Helen Kalila
Mohammad Erlangga Mohammad Erlangga - Dimitri Tarkit
Audi Febio Audi Febio - Anthony
Agri Firdaus Agri Firdaus - Barry
Riki Firmansyah Riki Firmansyah - Oberon (Love Fairy)
Feri Garing Feri Garing - Driver
Iwan Susanto Iwan Susanto - Papa
Ratu Syhifa Ratu Syhifa - Paris
Leo Viano Leo Viano - Puck (Apprentice Fairy)

Title translates to "Triangle of Hearts"