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Kärlekens list (1912) HD online

Kärlekens list (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Kärlekens list
Released: 1912
Duration: 7min
Video type: Movie
Miss Jeanette Pettersson and the student Adam Sörensen are in love, but their parents disapprove it, because of Adam's poverty. To be able to meet each other in Adam's home, Jeanette disguises herself as a male student. Mrs. Sörensen immediately falls in love with Adam's new friend, not recognizing that it is a woman. When Jeanette and Adam meet each other in Jeanette's home, it is Adam who disguises himself as a maiden. Mr. Pettersson enters and falls in love with Jeanette's new friend, not recognizing that it is a man. When Mr. Pettersson caresses the false maiden, the female wig falls off from Adam's head. Mr. Pettersson discovers that Adam has duped him, and gets angry. At the same moment Jeanette arrives with a letter addressed to Adam. The letter says that he has won the top prize of the Danish class lottery, which means that he is rich. Now both parents are happy to approve the engagement between Adam and Jeanette.
Credited cast:
Einar Theodor Bergh Einar Theodor Bergh - Bachelor Adam Sörenson
Sigfrid Bergh Sigfrid Bergh - Miss Jeannette Pettersson
Gustaf Clemensson Gustaf Clemensson - Waiter
Ivar Petersén Ivar Petersén - Mr. Pettersson