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How Willie Raised Tobacco (1911) HD online

How Willie Raised Tobacco (1911) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: How Willie Raised Tobacco
Released: 1911
Video type: Movie
That William is the pampered son of a very wealthy father and devoted mother is a fact that is well known to the neighbors and also to the members of his club. His chief aspiration in life, up to the opening of the picture, was in following the line of least resistance. His energy was mostly exercised in sleeping as much as possible, a fact that his father forcibly realized on his return home one day when Willie was peacefully sleeping on the sofa, while his mother and sister calmly watched him. At last the old man's wrath was wrought up to the point where he tells his on in plain English that he must do something and Willie, taking the tip, decides to go to Cuba and raise tobacco. He is laughed at by all for the suggestion, but William's heart is set upon showing that he is worth something after all. On his arrival in Cuba he at once proceeds to investigate the tobacco industry in all its branches, from the ground up to the mouth, as it were. He visits vast tobacco plantations, asks ...
Cast overview:
Herbert Prior Herbert Prior - Willie
Mabel Trunnelle Mabel Trunnelle - The Cigar Girl
Laura Sawyer Laura Sawyer
Richard Ridgely Richard Ridgely
James Gordon James Gordon